Different types of cranes available at rigging services

Cranes are machines used to lift or drop materials especially in the construction of multi storied buildings.  A movable crane is usually known as a crane truck. Crane trucks are used by rigging services to lift heavy things and transport them to a distant place for some purpose. Boom truck is similar to crane truck which consists of a rotating center post, a telescopic boom etc.  Operator’s station fixed on the frame of the commercial truck chassis owned by crane rentals companies is the place where the operator of the crane sits comfortably for lifting and transporting heavy materials from one place to another.  For understanding the difference between crane trucks and boom trucks it is better to  understand the different types of trucks used for lifting and transporting heavy loads.

All you need to know about cranes for rigging services

This is the most commonly used version of crane truck. It consists of a telescoping arm straight in shape that collapses and gets stored at the rear portion of the truck on top of the cab.  The extended boom can telescope out to desired direction in the desired length and can then be collapsed into its storage position after completing the task for which it was brought there. Instead of moving the crane like in crane mounted vehicles the shifting or relocating of load is done in this case by turning the extended boom to the required position.

Knuckle boom trucks

This is an improved version of boom trucks possessed by many construction companies. The folding arm is known as knuckle boom or articulating boom and this improves its portability.  The lifting arm can fold down and shrink to compact storage. The end section of the arm either extends or telescopes so that it can reach the desired spot.  It is more flexible on work sites as its arm can swivel.  This type of cranes is more useful in working around the job site and in smaller working areas.  Smaller knuckle boom vehicles are now becoming more popular in light industrial applications. Heavy-duty versions are of much use in areas like material lifting is needed in construction sites, piers, warehouses etc.

Stick boom trucks

These are heavy lifting machines owned by many cranes for rent va companies for use in the construction sites and areas where heavy lifting has to be carried out in open spaces. The crane arm in this case is non-telescoping, non-articulating and straight.  These trucks can move from place to place with heavy weights very slowly. The unit will be moved to the correct spot where lifting has to be carried out. As it is built in a larger vehicle and contains chains or cables or other methods for lifting loads a straight crane has better lifting capacity than any other crane rentals.

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