What to Know Sewer Line Repair

Problems with the drains in your home or sudden stain appearing on and around your house structure can be a sign of potential sewer line repair. This can easily turn into a costly undertaking and unless something’s done at the soonest date, it has the potential for undermining the ability of a home to function. Whether there’s an existing septic system or the home is hooked up to municipal sewer system, reporting troubles to professional plumbers may avert a primary home repair disaster in the end.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Majority of sewer line repairs have their root cause in line blockage. The first instinct of the homeowners when they come across slow moving drain is pouring lots of harsh chemicals into the lines to get rid or open up the clog. While that could be a temporary fix, they might be causing more damage with chemicals. In the older homes, the older pipes made of clay or some porous materials may be eaten away by chemicals within the drain cleaners and cause pipes to break down.

The tree roots are attracted to the water sources and whenever the trees are planted very close to the foundation of the home, they may find their way into sewer pipes. Roots grow into the pipes, forming a ball and blocking the pipe. In such cases, pipes will be replaced and removed. In other cases, the cause of the sewer line issues can be that the ground shifted around the pipes and bent them at a particular angle that doesn’t promote drainage and water starts to collect within the pipes, leading to leakage.

What to Do When You Have Noticed the Signs of Troubles

The first thing that you should do once problems with sewage or drains happen is to not run for a drain cleaner, but to contact professionals to inspect the pipes for repair and cleaning. Plumbers can determine where the problems are and take measures to get this repaired, typically within the same day. Once they’re installed in a home, the sewer pipes have clean out plugs that may be checked immediately for clogs without the need to dig up the ground around a home.

Kinds of Repairs

For a minor repair to pipes, a plumber may consider repairing them quickly through recoating the pipe’s interior with epoxy as long as the cracks aren’t beyond repairs. Replacement of pipes may be done by professional plumbers within a day. But, sometimes, it depends on the complexity of pipe replacement. For simple blockage and clogs, the power rodders might be used to get rid of foreign materials blocking the pipe.

In terms of sewer line repairs, it involves septic cleaning. Majority of septic tanks are buried in the backyards so the yard might need to be dug up from a point where pipes enter the home to where this connects with the septic tank. However, having everything in one place can make it much easier to do repairs in spite of the mess that can be made because of digging.

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