Can education reduce violence?

It has been noticed that there is considerable increase in the violence among the youth in America. Not only in America, the increase in violence among youngsters is widespread throughout the world.    Bullying and violence are on the increase as per statistical figures put forward by Government agencies. Before considering the reasons and solutions for this problem, let us understand them in detail. WHO considers violence as the exertion of physical force whether threatening only or applying,   against oneself or against another person or group of persons that can result in injury death, or psychological problems or deprivation?

Types of violence

Violence can be classified into three categories. The first category consists of self-directed violence. Such violence points to suicides and attempts for the same.  Though it is an act of cowardice, for some people this is the only way to escape  from the extreme mental stress they are undergoing.

Next category is interpersonal. This refers to violence against a third person. This third person can be anyone, your relatives, your neighbor etc. It can be even your son, father, mother etc. This kind of violence often happens between two people who are selfish and hot tempered. The reason for violence may be small or big. But the consequences are always grave. Such violence not only causes physical harm or depression, at times it also leads to death.

Collective violence is the third category of violence. In such violence instead of individuals as in the earlier cases, groups of people are involved in this type of violence. Collective violence often gets good publicity and media coverage. The causes for collective violence can be government policies or orders affecting the masses or political party revenges or celebrations. Mass violence often results in law and order situations and is often put to end only with the help of force or firing.

Prevention of violence

Prevention of violence is one of the major concerns of the present day. Experience has shown that violence cannot be stopped with mass killings or cannot be allowed to be dealt by the people itself. Educating the masses about the losses and problems associated with violence and the importance of keeping the family life free from violence can lead to improvement in the situation.

Benefits of education

A properly chalked out education program can create understanding, and tolerance leading to the formation of peaceful societies. Violence level among uneducated women has been found to be greater than that in educated women. Educated women have knowledge about her rights and know how to protect her from the exploitation, sexual abuses at office as well as domestic atmospheres and consequent violent incidences.

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