Mercedes Car Care Products

A car with a class of its own, Mercedes requires car care of Mercedes approved service only. When you have invested in a Mercedes car, then you will also need to invest in its car care products to keep it in top shape and maintenance. If you get any issues with your Mercedes car, then you should not take a risk with any car repair shops but should only consult certified Mercedes repair shop.

Mercedes repair shop

A Mercedes car will turn heads of all, with its gleaming paint, its executive shape, superb speed and perfect exterior and interior. You should keep your Mercedes well maintained with only Mercedes car care products. The products that you will need are listed below.

Car Shampoo

It removes dirt and grime and provides a perfectly clean look for all Mercedes Benz cars and gives a long lasting cleaning effect.

Tar Remover

It is used to remove tar, sticker imprints, oil and cavity sealing splashes. This product does not need rubbing and can be used on its own.

Insect Remover

Insects also can destroy the exterior of a car with their imprints. This remover removes all sorts of insects imprints from paint, glass, chrome and the plastic areas of the car and is a.

Paintwork Cleaner

This is a Mercedes approved service cleaner. It is safe for all kinds of paints. It removes small scratches and renews old vehicles with old and weathered paints and freshens them. It adds almost a 5-layer coat of paint on the car without damaging the vehicle finish.

Paint Polish

It gives an effective polish and shine to the whole exterior of the car. Mostly used for cars whose paints have gotten dull over time and usage. It does not haze the care and gives a long-lasting shine to it.

Glass Cleaner

This cleaner can be used for both exterior and interior glasses of the car. It efficiently removes, grease, dirt, grime, soot, and wax without deteriorating the quality of the glass. Only one application is required for cleaning. If the problem is big you can always visit a certified Mercedes repair shop.

Interior Leather Care Cleaner

The interior of the car, especially the leather seats are also exposed to a lot of dirt and wear and tear. It is specifically Mercedes approved service product as it removes all the dirt and protects the leather against aging. Another benefit is that the cleaner has anti-static properties which do not attract dust.

Cabin Care Spray

This is used for cleaning the cockpit and the dashboard of the car and can be used on plastic as well. It protects the material of the cabin against aging and also has anti-static properties which help to keep the dust and dirt away and gives a professional and longer cleaning.

Rim Cleaner

The rims also need cleaning and importance. It helps to clean all the dirt and stubborn stains and impurities with just one touch. It helps to keep the color of the rims intact and does not fade them. Make sure to avoid using it in direct sunlight or hot rims.

Gloss Preserver

It protects and preserves the gloss of your car by adding a coat of protection on it and making it less susceptible to damage. It can also be used on the freshly washed car. For greater problems and annual service, you should visit a certified Mercedes repair shop.

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