7 Main Uses Of A Boom Truck

A boom truck can serve multiple purposes in different scenarios. These trucks can be used as cranes, flatbed trucks, or as a hoist to lift up the workers in the air. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different ways you can use it if you rent crane truck.

You can rent the boom trucks easily for lots of different purposes. Here are some of the main uses of a boom truck.

As A Crane

Hydraulic extension of the boom trucks is used to do many hoists. Depending on the manufacturer of the boom truck you have, you’ll have different capacities of the hydraulic extension. Booms have different lengths as well. So, you can use the boom truck as a crane to lift up weights up to a certain limit.

Small jobs, like lifting up a small weight and dropping it onto the second floor don’t require you to use a heavy duty crane that is particularly expensive to buy. You can use a boom truck easily, and it is really simple to set up as well as compared to a crane. So, using a boom truck as a crane whenever needed can save you a lot of money.

As A Flatbed Truck

Usually, homeowners and businesses need some items to be moved from one location to the another. While this mainly depends on the size and weight of the item, boom trucks are usually capable of carrying most of the items and carefully transporting them between places. This way, you don’t have to hire a crane and a trailer combo to just pick up a thing and transport it to a different location.

For example, you can use a rented boom truck as a flatbed truck to move your air-conditioning unit from one place to the other, and that too without any issues.

For Lifting Workers Up In The Air

Usually boom trucks are used by contractors and other businesses to hoist their workers into the air. This allows the technicians to reach higher places without the dangers of using a stair. Once the workers reach the desired height, they can easily do their work safely and come back down once they’re done.

Book trucks can also be used to hoist two or more workers in the air. This is usually very useful when more than one person is needed to do the task. The wide platform also allows you to place all the needed items with the workers. So, when you use a boom truck as a platform to hoist the workers up in the air, you’ll be eliminating the dangers associated with the use of ladders and other things for this purpose.

Picking Up Heavy Construction Material

Contractors use boom trucks with attached platforms on them to lift the construction materials up in the air at construction sites. For example, you can use the truck to lift up bricks, cement, beams and a number of other things. However, avoid crossing the maximum capacity of the boom truck, as this might cause serious problems during the construction project.

In Forestry

Boom trucks can be beneficial in many ways for forestry workers. They can use these trucks with attached platforms to do work on tall trees. This eliminates any danger of falling down while working.

Additionally, you can use the boom truck to carry away the logs of big trees after they’ve been cut into manageable pieces.

To Transport Materials

Boom trucks aren’t only good at lifting stuff up, they are also excellent for transporting any type of materials from one place to the other. This makes them versatile, and a perfect choice for contractors who are looking to save money but without compromising on the quality.

Reaching Hard To Reach Areas

Other than all the tasks mentioned above, boom trucks can also be used for noncommercial purposes, and even in DIY projects, as you won’t need any special training or license to operate them. But with cranes, you’ll have to rent an expensive crane, and also pay the skilled crane operator for the project. This can make the cost of your project go up really quickly.

These were some of the best usage cases of boom trucks. Get in contact with a boom truck rental VA to rent one for your project.

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