Persian Rug Buying Guide

Persian rugs are so very popular in this day and age that almost every other household has at least one of them. When you go out to buy a Persian antique rug, following are the things you need to keep in your mind.

Machine-work cannot be considered real Persian rug

An original Persian rug is the one that has been hand-knitted or hand-woven; this is a quality that makes Persian rugs so special. There is none second to Persian rugs because of this one quality. Now, many people might try to dupe you into believing in machine-made rugs’ authenticity but you don’t need to lend an ear to them. Always steer clear of such dishonest vendors. Also, learn to differentiate between a handmade rug and a machine-made rug so that you don’t suffer a financial loss at the hands of disingenuous sellers in the market.

Look around for Persian Senneh knots

There are always ways to spot an original and authentic thing that is usually overlapped by artificial things at shops. In this particular case, you need to constantly remember that Persian rugs have Senneth knots most of the time. Persian rugs can be identified via this unique feat of theirs; this is one thing that sets them apart from the rest. If you do not know how to study knots of a particular carpet, just grab your phone and do some quick reading on Google which comes to your rescue almost all the time.

Choose the material of your Persian rug carefully

You should be familiar with the fact that rugs come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Not just that, they’re made of different materials – these oriental rugs are never monotonous, they surely offer you a wide variety when it comes to design, color or material they’re made of.

Cotton: is that one material which makes rugs that sell in next to no time. Cotton rugs are always in demand.

Wool: helps make rugs that are categorized as average buyer’s rugs. Wool rugs are less expensive, more durable and fairly adorable.

Jute: is rare to hear about especially when it comes to rugs because buyers don’t find it fancy, but they’re definitely more durable than the rest of the types.

Silk: is one of the most expensive materials to be used in the manufacturing of rugs. Silk rugs are by far costliest rugs in the market.

Animal hair: can also feel soft and squishy under your feet – they’re a perfect thing to accommodate making of a rug.

Red is the most desirable color among all other colors for a Persian rug

It would certainly sound vague that Persian rugs mostly come in one color: ravishing red, maroonish red etc. It’s just that it speaks volumes about the authenticity of traditional Persian rugs, people in Persia (nowadays Iran) liked having dark colored rugs and that’s why they always banked on a bunch of specific colors revolving around red. If you want your Persian rug to be in its most authentic form, you have to settle for red – unless the seller surprises you with something unique.

Skim through a number of geometric patterns and designs and finalize one

A Persian rug is more often than not supposed to have a beautiful medallion right in the center of the rug which is further embellished by an intricately designed border. That’s the usual geometric pattern of a Persian rug albeit it offers variety in designs. For instance, the medallion cannot be the same in every rug you see – it has to have some unicity.

Don’t be afraid of buying an expensive rug for you can sell it at a good price even after its used

Persian rugs are usually expensive but you can take this opportunity into consideration for future investment. If you sell a Persian rug second hand, you would be able to retrieve a quarter of what you bought it for even though you’ve kept it as long as you wanted to.

Persian rugs come in a particular size usually

Rugs are never meant to be as large as carpets; they’re not meant to cover an entire room, they’re meant to decorate a specific area within a giant hall or room. If you go to Persian rug stores Northern VA, you will see that they come in medium and small sizes. If you’re expecting them to be larger than that would be unrealistic.

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