Darkness of car window tints explained

Do you have car window tints or are you just planning to get a good car window tinting? Regardless of what your situation is, there are a number of benefits that owners of tinted car windows can enjoy.

The first major benefit of tinted car windows is that they provide great protection against harmful UV rays. This way, you will be able to save your skin from the harmful cancer-causing rays from the sun. At the same time, tinted windows also increase aesthetic appeal of the car. Lastly, it offers you some increased privacy.

More than a million drivers in the world enjoy the luxury look of tinted car windows. Though, there are some restrictions and legal limits on tinted car windows. These limits vary from region to region. For instance, depending on which state you belong to, you can either legally drive with very dark tints or you have to keep them very light.

So, it is a good practice to confirm your local window tinting laws before you get window tints installed.

Window tints and darkness

Window tints naturally provide a dark look, preventing outsiders from looking inside the car to limited extents. Of course, the darker the shade is, the harder it is to look inside.

Now, the darkness of tints varies with grades. In the US, some states have certain limitations such that vehicles cannot go above a certain darkness grade. In comparison, other US states may be more lenient when it comes to car window tints.

Different types of car window tints

Currently, there are many different types of car window tinting options available in the market. Of course, your choice would depend on your preferences and the look that you are willing to achieve. These types include the following:

Infrared films

Infrared films are quite long-lasting. These films block the UV rays just like all other tinting options. However, one advantage of these tints is that they have a higher level of visibility. So, if you live in a state where there is a strict law for window tints, infrared films might be your best option.

Metallic tinting

Metallic tinting makes the exterior of the car look very shiny and sleek. However, a big drawback of this type of tints is that they tend to block all the wireless signals. So, chances are that your GPS may not work properly. Similarly, it can also hinder your phone signals totally.

Carbon films

Carbon films are like metallic films. However, they do not cause issues with the blockage of signals. In that sense, they are significantly more convenient in comparison to metallic films.

Tinting coats

This is a type of spray coat that works like a tint. These sprays are directly applied to the windows of the cars. Today, tinting coats are perhaps the most durable option. However, it is also a costlier option because it is quite labour-intensive.

Measure of darkness

The darkness of the window tints is measured in terms of the VLT percentage. This means ‘visible light transmission’. For instance, if a car has a 70% VLT, it means that only about 70% of the light can go through the windows.

Different states will require a different minimum VLT level on the roads. For instance, in Missouri, the VLT required is just 24%. Hence, people can easily drive heavily tinted cars.

In some states this also varies between the type of cars. For instance, typically, the laws for SUVs tend to be more lenient.

Ending Note

Lastly, if you are going to get car window tinting, just make sure that you are relying on highly experienced window tint shops Springfield. Otherwise, you may end up getting ripped off.

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