Knee Injury – Identifying The Types And Role Of Knee Doctor

Consult a knee doctor immediately if you are suffering from prolonged knee pain. Pain in the knee joints can be quite frustrating and can be extremely troublesome. To be precise, it hurts much when there is injury to the knee. Also, the knee area gets affected with the aging process too. Obesity is also considered a problem that can cause pain in the knee joint. Many youngsters also suffer from knee pain, the reason may well be many to explain.

Reasons of knee pain

Knee pain can be caused mostly due to injury. Getting hit directly in that region can cause the pain. The strain, damage, or tearing of the muscle tissue within the knee region can cause the suffering. At times, pain can happen due to disproportionate walking or even through general wear and tear. Athletes often suffer from knee injury. Why? Running on hard surfaces can cause high pressure in the knee area. That is why many footwear companies are manufacturing high-end running shoes that provide proper support to the knee during heavy exercises. However, with proper diet and rest, the pain at times goes away.

What happens when the knee pain remains persistent?

When the pain continues hurting the knee region, then it clearly indicates signs of some kind of underlying medical condition. A professional and reputed knee doctor needs to be consulted immediately for proper diagnosis and get the condition treated accordingly. After physical examination process is conducted, then only the doctor can be able to pin point on the problem’s root cause and accordingly suggest the necessary solution. It all depends on the type of pain that different diagnosis tests will be recommended by the doctor, most commonly being X-Ray, MRI, and CT scan.

Common Sources of Knee Pain

  • Osgood-Schlatter

Osgood-Schlatter is a condition that happens due to inflammation of the tissues surrounding the patellar tendon. Younger people, mostly kids and teens suffer from this condition. It results due to high impact activities like running and jumping. The pain occurs just beneath the knee joint. Intensity of pain increases when jumping or running activities are performed.

  • Arthritis

This is a very common condition and occurs mostly in older people due to general wear and tear.

  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The symptom of this syndrome is a burning sensation outside the knee or lateral condyle. This is common for long distance runners.

  • Plica Syndrome

Tear of plicae and synovial tissues can cause this syndrome. Any one suffering from this syndrome will experience swelling in the knee area, weak sensation, and discomfort. Knee Surgeon McLean may well have to be consulted in more serious circumstances.

  • Ligament injuries

This happens when the tissue or muscle area of the ligament gets torn or receives a blow due to some accident. It also can require surgical treatment.

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