The easy and effective home remedies for ear infections

To ease the symptoms of ear infections, one can use home remedies for ear infections. The ear is the most sensitive human organ and houses the important senses of the human body. Since the ear is delicate, there are many problems that may occur. The ear may get easily infected and pus may also happen, leading to pain and inflammation. This kind of problem usually occurs in children.

When can a person suffer from ear problems?

It is mainly during the winter season that one suffers from ear problems. A common cold can also give rise to ear infections. Inflammation may cause a permanent damage to the ear drum and so the problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. The most severe case of ear infection is the formation of pus. There are several herbs that can treat ear infection and they include Bael, Holy Basil, Neem, Bishop’s weed.

Effective remedies for treating ear infections

Natural remedies can treat ear infections. There are mainly 6 home remedies for ear infections.

  • Onions can be used to get out those ear muffs. You need the heat the onion till it gets warm. Wrap the onion in the thin cotton. Now, place the onion upon the ear and make use of muffins to hold it in place. It is the presence of chemicals in the onion, which will improve the circulation and flush out the bacteria and the toxins.
  • The Goldenseal is an outstanding herbal remedy for treating ear infection. Being rich in berberine, the goldenseal acts as the natural antibiotic. You simply need to add one teaspoon of goldenseal to the boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes at least. The solution can be consumed thrice daily to keep the ear infection at bay.
  • Epsom salt is another remedy for ear infection. It is due to the bacteria and the blood that stagnate the infected area in the ear. You can heat the basin of water and add some amount of Epsom salt. This solution can be used for the foot soak. The act will increase the blood circulation, allow you to relax and also flush out skin toxins.
  • Vitamin C is the superb way of curing ear infection. You may take 1000 mg of vitamin C. It is the very powerful antioxidant that may heal the infection.
  • For the adults, it is often recommended to consume at least one umeboshi. It has the sour and salty taste which can help in digestion and treat the infection.
  • The best remedy for ear infection is Saint-Johns-Wort which can treat even depression. You simply have to warm the oil and place few drops of oil into your infected ear with the help of cotton. The technique will provide an instant relief from the ear infection.

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