The Ins on the 2016 presidential election polls

The 2016 presidential election polls are going to be nothing less than a mega-race. It is presumed by one and all that this is going to be the toughest presidential fight ever in the history of the United States of America. With the elections being at a distance of just a few months, the parties are all geared to outdo each other, while maintaining maximum transparency that they might allow themselves.

The United States is a country that holds millions of registered voters and is also welcoming a big group of fist time voters, all of who are preparing themselves to choose the candidate of their choice. Hence, both the camps are gearing themselves to meet the expectations these voters have and present themselves at their best for the best turn of the circumstances.

The present scene of the 2016 Election:                             

Both the camps, i.e. to say the Republicans and the DNC are now in the process of sifting through their members to choose the best and the most promising candidates for the elections. The motto here is to select candidates, who have the potential to survive this toughest race on the planet and also emerge with the victory of a seat.

The Republicans have already chosen for themselves twelve candidates who will represent them, in this season of the 2016 elections. The DNC, on the other hand, is yet going through the names and picking their candidates with utmost care and strategy. The motto here is to come up with the best candidates to face and defeat the equally vital opponent. Both the clans are being as transparent as possible throughout the way, complying with the election norms in the process.

The Republicans:

The three most notice worthy names, from the Republican side, this time are Trump, Carson, and Bush. All the three candidates are ready to give a neck to neck fight to their Democrat counterparts. Though the polls keep varying from time to time, but it seems like the seats represented by these three biggies will be won by the Republicans this time.

The Democrats:

The names of most of the candidates for the Democrats are still to be out. Yet, one name that seems to stand strong this time around is that of Hillary Clinton.

The 2016 presidential election predictions are going from wild to speculative. Yet, a little search on the net might give you a clear picture of the latest potential poll results.

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