How To Move Heavy Medical Machinery And Equipment

Medical machinery has become a must in hospitals and clinics around the globe. This is especially true with cancer treatment, as nuclear technology is used for the treatment of patients suffering from the deadly cancer disease. Heavy machinery moving can be a tricky process. That’s because in addition to being heavy, the machines are also fragile and sophisticated. They can suffer from damage if they aren’t transported properly. In some cases, transporting medical machinery might even require you to obtain a special license.

So, if you don’t want your medical machinery to break, or suffer from any type of damage because of improper transportation, you should make sure that you hire a transporter with the right knowledge and tools to do the job.

Here are some of the best tips you can follow to relocate your medical equipment as safely as possible.

Designate An Experienced Person Or Team For The Job

Whenever you have medical machinery at hand which needs to be moved, you should appoint an experienced moving company as the authority in the whole relocation project. You shouldn’t have multiple names in your mind, and the authority should be with one person only. The person in-charge of the whole process must be able to seamlessly communicate with people inside and outside your organization to complete the relocation perfectly.

The person you choose for this job must have enough management experience to handle big projects, should be efficient enough to budget the project properly, should be able to help you in meeting all the compliance requirements, and must have a prior experience of moving medical equipment for the best results.

You can also choose an experienced person from outside your organization, and choose an internal person to keep in touch with them throughout the process. The whole team responsible for the move should hold a meeting, and a proper plan should be prepared to make the move as smooth as possible.

Take Calculated Steps

Medical equipment can both be considerably heavy and large. Machines like MRIs are placed in hospitals in the construction phase, and rest of the things like rooms and departments are built around them. That’s why the moving process of this type of equipment usually requires you to move walls, and shut down operations temporarily.

In order to measure everything before starting the move, the team must survey the location of your medical equipment, and should measure everything to make sure that the loader cranes are placed at the right locations, and to assess the need for equipment used to pick the heavy and large medical devices up.

Use The Right Packing Materials

In order to move your medical equipment in a safe way, you must use the right packing materials to avoid any type of damage to the equipment during the moving process. Not protecting your equipment sufficiently can lead to them being damaged Easily, and can cause injuries to the team handling the load as well. Additionally, various types of medical equipment is sensitive to temperature, and a specific temperature must be maintained to keep them safe from any type of damage during the relocation project. For example, MRI machines need to be kept at -460 Fahrenheit or lower temperature to keep them functional. If the temperature is not maintained well around an MRI machine, the machine can get ruined rather quickly. Liquid helium is used to achieve this low temperature.

Also, specifically for MRI machines, a team of MRI technicians and engineers must work with the transportation team in order to isolate the magnet present in the machine. The magnet is so strong that it can send the transportation equipment flying, and can cause serious injury to anyone present around the machine. The transportation team might also be required to develop a unique type of packaging depending on the needs of your medical equipment.

Follow A Strict Schedule

Also, since your equipment is most likely present in a hospital, you should make and follow a strict schedule in order to keep the equipment safe, and the workplace uninterrupted. You should also have enough time to reinstall the equipment after moving it to the right location. This is how you can move heavy medical machinery easily. Make sure to hire heavy machinery movers VA who have experience of transporting medical equipment.

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