How To Protect Yourself During Divorce

Once you have decided to divorce your spouse or are going through the whole divorce process, then harm of any sort could be expected, especially if the divorce is one sided and you should follow the advice of your divorce lawyer.

There can be many reasons for divorce; the most common of them is abuse of any sort or adultery. Abuse is mostly physical, so if there was physical abuse when married, then you can expect intense abuse after you file for a divorce. Such types of cases are rarely amicable. Same goes for adultery as the faculty spouse may not want his or her secret to be out so they may try to prevent that by harassing or abusing the spouse who filed for a divorce.

This is where you need to protect yourself and probably this is the reason you were forcefully keeping your marriage intact. However, the good news is that there are many ways that you can protect yourself.

Protect Yourself From Physical Abuse And Brutality

Once you filed for a divorce, you can voice your concerns with the court and the law. You can confront your situation to the attorney. Your spouse might try to attack you or even can get you attacked so that you drop the case. You need to take precautions to save yourself from harm and getting physically abused.

You can ask the court to provide you protection and to not allow your spouse to visit you or the home you are living in till the divorce case is in process. Even if after the order your husband tries to attack you, you can ring the police and the police can take actions and arrest and imprison the spouse. This can even go against him in the divorce proceedings.

Protect Yourself From Harassment And Verbal Or Mental Abuse

Apart from physically getting harmed, you can also get emotionally, verbally and mentally abused by your spouse. Your spouse may try to scare you, threaten you or send bad abuses your way. This is a sort of torment and molestation and can cause you to get traumatized and also scare your kids. This leads to depression and anxiety.

You can ask the court to grant you a restraining order which will order your spouse to stay away from you and your kids and parents (if you are living with them). If your spouse breaks this order then he would be imprisoned. You can also get help from the police if you face any sort of traumatization or abuse.

Protect Your Assets And Property

What you do not know about the divorce is that divorce can drain you financially. Once you file for a divorce then your spouse will try to hide or sell the assets to misguide you about the financial availability or so that you can get less of the total assets after the divorce. Property includes your marital home and the car. Whether the house is bought by you, your spouse or bought together it will be divided between you both or one spouse will be given the house, mostly who is granted child custody.

While all the other assets will be distributed, some assets are ancestral and may have higher financial value. Everything will be divided by the court and if amicably agreed between the 2 spouses then the case will be resolved sooner and if there is agreement then the case will be dragged. To protect your assets, you can ask the court to freeze all the assets till the divorce proceedings are over.

If the house and car is in your spouse’s name then you can have to apply for matrimonial home rights or else the spouse can easily sell or mortgage without you knowing about it.

Protect Your Financial Security

If your spouse usually paid all the bills and expenses then he may restrict to do so after you apply for divorce. You can ask the court for financial security till the divorce result is finalized. Till then your spouse will continue to pay until something is arranged.

The court and police are there to help you and will provide you all sorts of security and help whenever you require. Always keep in contact with your family attorney Fairfax VA also to keep yourself safe.

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