How to lose weight in face?

Most women are found to have one or two spots on their body where they feel fat sticks. If face is one such spot, it will make her more self conscious. There are numerous ways explaining how to lose weight fast for women. But, removing excess fat on your face is a different matter. So if you are a woman who thinks how I can lose weight fast and want to remove extra fat on your face read this article completely and decides what to do. Expert’s recommendations in this regard are explained below one by one.

Rule out medical causes

There can be several medical issues which can be the reason for the extra puffiness seen on your face. Some medications can also be the reason. So as a first case meet a medical practitioner and ascertain that the above mentioned causes are not there in your extra face fat. This is essential for trying out how to lose weight fast for women.

Change your diet

Your face reflects the food we eat. The food that leads to asthma and inflammation can lead to puffy face. Inflammation causing culprits like corn, gluten, dairy, shell fish etc has to be eliminated. Anti inflammatory foods like coconut, lemons, ginger, turmeric, beets etc can be incorporated into your daily diet. Limit sugar, salt, alcohol and go for vegetables, juices etc and drink plenty of water.

Regular work out

If you can lose three to five pounds, it will be reflected in your face. Exercises can improve the contour of your face and body. Do regular exercises. It not only reduces your weight it also reduces facial fat.

Exercise for your face

Most people have heard about facial yoga. Facial exercises introduced in the year 1989 consist of 8 exercises. Each of these exercises can be completed in 35 seconds. IN these exercises the technique of isometric contraction and resistance are made use of.

Take beauty rest

After the age of 30 a person’s body does not rebuild as quickly as it used to be. It requires repairs and it is carried out during sleep. So give importance to proper sleep so that your glandular system is healthy.

Don’t be in a hurry for surgery

Removing facial fat through surgical methods is not a good idea especially in the case of elderly people who bother too much about how can I lose weight fast. Trying to remove fat pads can result in the removal of structure from your skin that makes you look older. However, hereditary fat pads under the eyes and extra fat under the chin can be done and they make you feel comfortable.

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