Home Design – Do You Need a Designer or an Architect?

One of the common questions that homeowners ask the remodeling contractors is about whether they have to hire a designer or an architect for a home design project. For majority of small projects, enlarging a window opening or getting rid of a non-bearing wall, there’s no need to hire a designer or an architect. The homeowner and contractor can handle both construction and design end.
For big additions, new kitchens, and home renovations, you must consider hiring a designer or an architect to help plan the project. Design professionals can ensure that the esthetic considerations meld with the project’s structural requirements and the space is both aesthetically pleasing and live able.
Here’s what designers, architects, interior designers, and kitchen specialists do and never do, how to select the right one for the project, and what they charge.


Architects are basically trained in engineering, design theory, and project management. The rates may differ by individual architect and region. These professionals are also skilled at coming up with the inventive ideas to solve complicated design issues and ensuring that a project is true to this aesthetically. Moreover, some complicated projects with tons of roof lines benefits from the vision of the architect and ability to visualize the ideas.


Usually, designers don’t have academic training in engineering and architecture but experienced in simple additions and interior space planning. If you are remodeling your kitchen or adding family room, the designer might have the skills you require. The plans of the designers will be reviewed by the structural engineer to ensure that the beams will not sag and the floors will not bounce, something that architects do as a precaution, even if they have engineering training. Typically, designers do not offer project management solutions.

Hiring a Designer or an Architect

After you have made a decision between a designer and an architect, you need to find one you should work with. Ask neighbors, friends, and family you trust for recommendations. After that, look at their previous jobs and interview homeowners. But, depending on your needs, find a reliable architects builders dc. Just remember that designers and architects have different roles and responsibilities. There are also others who focus on particular areas or fields and some can do anything related to home design or home improvement, regardless of the size and type of the project.

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