An overview of some of the common surgeries carried out by Orthopedic doctors.

Orthopedic doctors are doctors who carry out various medical procedures including surgeries to correct and prevent injuries to the skeletal system of human beings. In skeletal system bones of human beings are connected together with the help of muscles and ligaments in the joints.  Let us examine some of the most common problems related to orthopedics and its treatment options.

Back pain: The weight of the body is supported by lower back and it provides mobility for movements like bending, twisting etc. Any injury or strain in this area can result in immobilization and sever pain. It will be better to   get medical support from back pain specialist in such cases.

Spine problems: Discs in your spinal code become damaged or worn out as a result of old age or accidents. An orthopedic and spine specialist will be the correct person to study the cases related to the damages of discs and decide whether disc replacement surgery has be carried out.   In disc replacement surgery the regenerated or worn out disc in the patient’s spine is removed and it is replaced by a prostheses made up of medical grade metal or plastic.

Knee pain: The damages caused to the ligaments in knee joint as a result of over use, injury or arthritis can be the reason for the pain that necessitated the knee pain treatment. If you are a person suffering from knee pain you may think that the knee injury doctor will be the apt person to discuss your problemActually all orthopedic surgeons are capable of carrying out knee pain treatment which includes surgical procedures like knee joint replacement, total knee replacement, high flex knee replacement etc.

Shoulder pain: Main cause for shoulder pain is the arthritis experienced by torn cartilage or rotor cuff. Experienced local orthopedic doctors can easily decide whether the pain can be cured by medication alone. They will be the best persons to suggest whether a shoulder surgery or a shoulder replacement surgery will be necessary in complicated cases of shoulder fractures.

Hip joint: Pain experienced in the hip or the groin are usually caused as a result of muscle problems or due to the damages caused to the ligament of tendons of that area.   An experienced orthopedic surgeon who functions as hip surgeon will be the best person to decide the course of action to be taken in the case of pain related to hip, groin etc. The surgeon will conduct a hip arthroscopy to decide whether hip joint injections are enough or whether the patient has to go for hip replacement surgery. In hip replacement procedure the surgeon removes the damaged hip joint and replaces it with a prostheses hip made of medical grade plastic or metal components. If the back pain is caused as a result of disc problem of the spine, the hip surgeon will go for a replacement disc surgery in which the damaged disc of the spine is replaced by prostheses.

Elbow pain: Elbow pain is usually caused as a result of overuse of elbow joint. Many sports hobbies are the causes of elbow injuries. The common problem in this category is tennis elbow and many sports personalities have under gone tennis elbow treatment at least once in their life span. When the pain is severe and all other methods have proven futile, orthopedic surgeon may opt for elbow replacement.

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