Furnace Short Cycling And How To Fix It

Furnace repair and maintenance is so important because your furnace maintains the internal temperature of your home and ensures you feel comfortable at home. So what happens when the furnace refuses to do its function properly and starts turning on/off automatically? This is known as furnace short cycling and in this article we will exploring all there is to know about it.

What Is Furnace Short Cycling?

The furnace is basically the temperature regulator that is installed inside the home. So when the internal temperature of your house becomes too hot, the furnace switches to provide cooling effect and when it becomes too cold it does the opposite i.e. provide indoor heating. The furnace basically works in a cycle as per temperature requirement. If it fails to do the function properly and switches on and off very rapidly in shorter cycles, it is called furnace short cycling.

A furnace replacement or furnace repair is not needed immediately as furnace short cycling can only be an indication of fluctuating energy efficiency output. However, if the root cause of the furnace short cycling is major it can cause long lasting damage and in that case furnace replacement remains to be the only option.

Causes of Short Cycling

In order to determine whether you require furnace replacement or not – you need to recognize the root cause of short cycling first. Here are some of the most common causes of short cycling.

  • Lack of air flow
  • Blockage in the air vents
  • Inefficiency in the thermostat set temperature
  • Damage or debris on air coils
  • Overheating results in coil and wire damage
  • Fluctuating power voltage supply to furnace

How To Fix It?

Furnace repair is not as difficult as it may sound but you only need to know how to fix the problem in best and efficient most way.

  1. Diagnosis

The first and foremost thing to do in the process of fixing the short cycling problem is to diagnose the issue. You will have to explore all causes that result in the problem. This is the first step of the process of repair.

  1. Clean Furnace Filters

The filters of the furnace can often get clogged with debris or filth. Cleaning the filters in this situation is ideal.

  1. Reset The Furnace Thermostat

There are many times when the temperature of the furnace fluctuates due to varying voltage supply. You can either change the plug or can reset the thermostat.

  1. Make Sure Your House Windows Are Closed

A very minor reason why the temperature of your furnace might not be on point or the short cycling is experienced – it might be because of the house windows not being properly closed. This will make the air escape from the house.

  1. Seek A Replacement

If nothing works and you have explored all possible causes of short cycling, you will need to seek a furnace replacement ronkonkoma now. You can get in touch with the nearest furnace expert and ask for the procedure that follows.

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