Walk In Cooler Troubleshooting

At times of crisis, you may not have contact of professional walk in cooler repair company to remove the errors of your walk in cooler.

Walk in cooler tips

It is better to know a thing or two about troubleshooting yourself. Read the most common malfunctions along with their possible causes:

High Discharge Pressure

Check your condenser coils. It is possible that accumulation of dirt became a source of high discharge pressure. Clean them! Also check the electrical circuit of fan motor.

Sometimes, system is overcharged with excessive refrigerant which causes a high discharge pressure. Reclaim the excessive refrigerant.

Low Discharge Pressure

According to commercial appliances repair experts, this happens due to two reasons:

  1. Low suction pressure
  2. Presence of insufficient refrigerant

Check for leaks and replace your suction filters. Check the fan motor and regulate superheat. Clean and defrost the unit.

High Suction Pressure

Too much load is deriving high suction pressure. You need to reduce the load and regulate the superheat so that expansion valve is not overfed.

Low Suction Pressure

Your suction filter has likely expired. It is time to get a new one. If suction filter is alright, there is some issue with the fan, expansion valve and dirty evaporators.

Clean the evaporators and regulate the working of fan motor. Regulate superheat and check for leaks. If leakage has been found, it means your refrigerant has been not been enough. Repair the leak spot and add charge to your cooler.

Compressor Is Not Running

You see that compressor has stopped working, even though control board is showing a vivid display. This happens because of compressor malfunctions (circuit problem) or the relay of compressor has tripped.

Aside from tripping of both, compressor malfunction and internal thermal load, sometimes cold room temperature is set lower than operation set points.

Reset the temperature and wait until compressor is cooled down for reset. Also check the motor winding of compressor. If you cannot understand, call a professional walk in cooler repair company and ask them to send someone.

Control Board Is Not Displaying Anything

Your cooler’s power is not but your control board is not displaying anything. A blown fuse is likely a problem for this issue. Check the wiring for circuit breaks and replace the fuse.

Other reasons include short circuiting of transformer, which leads to control board failure. Check the output voltage of transformer through DMM and make sure it is at 12V. Then, replace the cold storage room control board.

Buildup of Heavy Frost

This problem arises because there is too much time between defrost cycles. Incomplete defrosts keep on adding more frost on the evaporators.

To solve this issue, manually defrost the unit and adjust your defrosting cycle.

Frosty Coil

Your coil has gotten frosty during defrost cycle. With not enough defrost cycles per day, your condenser is working overtime, to create more frost inside the unit.

Adjust defrost control. If it is alright, see the working of heater operation.

Presence of Ice Inside Drain Pan

Two reasons are for this problem:

  1. Plugged drain line
  2. Defective heater

Switch off the unit and clean your drain line. Check your heater and if necessary, replace the heating unit.


This occurs due to buildup of heavy frost, bad refrigeration performance and overloading of your unit.

You might also observe a humming alarm, along with periodic flashes on your display screen. Try reducing the load and apply manual defrost. Also check that pressure is normally exhausted.

Temperature Difference of Set Point and Cold Storage

A little variation is alright but if you are witnessing large differences between both readings, it means there is something wrong with either, the sensor or setting of incorrect room temperature.

Disconnect the sensor and again establish the connection. Make sure your wire is neither too short nor too long and try to reposition the sensing point of temperature sensor.

Commercial Appliances Repair Company

Walk in coolers do not come cheap. At any point, if you feel uncertain about an action, call professionals of commercial appliances repair Vienna companies and explain the issue. They will charge a moderate fee and make your cooler good as new.

For best results, contact multiple walk in cooler repair companies and ask for price of remediation. Go for the ones which are in your budget range.

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