9 Harmful Things For Your Hair

No doubt you hear a lot about Brazilian keratin salons for their hair treatments but there are many associated things which may harm your hair quality. For instance, below are a few of those things which are usually ignored by many people.

Using Hair Styling Tools Frequently

The most frequently used tool is of course a hair dryer which is the root cause of hair damage and even hair loss too. People do not realize the natural hair drying is much safer than using a hair dryer which cause too much harm to the surface of your hair. However, other tools like straighteners and curlers are also very harmful for hair health if using very frequently.

Brushing Your Hair in Wrong Direction

Even today, many people are unaware of the right direction of brushing your hair which is from bottom to top. Means, you need to brush your bottom hair first to untangle them and then gradually move towards the middle and then scalp area. While many people start from scalp area to untangling their hair which result in more hair breakage and hair loss a lot.

Not Opting for Trimming for a Long Time

Normally recommended time for trimming is three months to get it done for fresh and healthy hair. However, many people wait too long to go for trimming as they consider it volume and length loss which is not the case. Trimming is important to keep your hair healthy and away from split ends or knotting.

Coloring Your Hair Yourself

This is a common practice followed by many people where they prefer to do hair color themselves rather than visiting any salon. It is because of either laziness or saving a few bucks but they don’t realize that it is causing more harm to their hair in long run. It is a job of experts and highly not recommended to be done by anyone unprofessional. This may also harm your scalp skin if done under no supervision.


No doubt it helps a lot in so many beautiful hair styles but we cannot ignore the fact that the amount of harm caused by this is of much greater magnitude. Untangling back-combed hair is not that easy and many times it result in hair breakage badly. In fact, back-combing may lead to split ends and even hair breakage for months later.

Making Very Tight Ponytails or Braids

Though many girls love tight ponytails or braids as they don’t need to worry much about their hair disturbing them, however, it is not at all good for healthy hair. It is because too tight hairstyles pull up your scalp and damage your roots badly while tight hair ties also cause hair breakage and scalp irritation. It is better to use bobby pins or hair clips to not get disturbed by hair instead of tying your hair tightly.

Not Enough Protein Intake

Protein is very important for healthy hair but you cannot just get it enough through only oiling or using processed chemicals on your hair. It is best to take protein intake in your diet as much as you can so as to provide your hair and scalp required amount of protein to keep up the health. Few foods with good nutrition and proteins are eggs, fish, beans, nuts, chicken and so on which help your body to grow healthy hair.

Styling or Brushing Wet Hair

It is also a common practice followed by many people to style or brushes their hair when they are still wet. Some people are habitual of doing that while some do that when they are running out of time. However, it is not at all recommended in any situation as wet hair are more fragile and can break quite easily and quickly. Also, sleeping with wet hair may damage your hair as well due to causing frizz in your hair because of getting friction from pillow.

Over-Treating your Hair

This is another factor to harm your hair when you love to visit keratin treatment salons Rockville often. If you opt for different treatments within a short span of time or even retouching your roots with same treatment also expose your hair to chemicals making your hair drier and weaker with time.

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