Everything About Chimney Flashing And It Types

While building a house, leakage is one of the things you need to be very careful about. Improperly installed flashing is one of the major reasons for leaks and we are here to help you prevent frequent chimney repairs. Follow us!

Chimney Flashing

Chimney repair is basically a process that also goes by the term flashing, which is done to prevent water from leaking into the chimney. As already mentioned, an improperly installed flashing could cause water to leak and ignoring it will pose problems in the future, which will incur chimney inspection and repair costs.

Flashing has various types and when it comes to that, the area you live in, weather conditions, roof material and size of the chimney all are some basic factors that come under consideration. These factors will decide what type of flashing you will need.

Aluminum Flashing

First comes the aluminum flashing. The reason behind its popularity is that it is inexpensive and can be installed on every type of roof. However, it is prone to corrosion especially in areas that have been treated with shingles or lumber. It is not often that you will see roofs being treated with CCA but if treated with it, the aluminum will corrode and wear out rather quickly. It is easily available at shops and can be cut and bent to fit almost any kind of shape. Hence, it becomes the favorite choice of contractors as it can be bought in bulk being both cheap and effective.

Vinyl and PVC Flashing

Being comparatively expensive than aluminum, Vinyl and PVC flashing is the second most popular choice amongst contractors as it is lightweight as well. You can argue that it might not be the best material to use but areas that do not have harsh weather, it is not something uncommon. If you happen to live in an area that experiences harsh weather, vinyl can become brittle and result in breaking or cracking. Another reason for it not being preferred is its inability to withstand high temperatures, since chimneys are supposed to be hot areas, Vinyl and PVC flashing might not be the best choice.

Steel and Galvanized Steel Flashing

When you talk about durability, steel comes to mind. It is something that is heavy as compared to aluminum and PVC and is commonly used for chimneys and roofs. The best attribute of steel is that it will not corrode like aluminum. Steel flashing is normally treated with Zinc that might take forever to corrode. However, since steel is heavier, it will take more time and material to install such type of flashing. Steel flashing ought to be expensive, therefore you will not see them being installed on roofs that much but it is the opposite case when it comes to chimneys, it is perfect for them.

Copper Flashing

Copper flashing is going to be the best choice when it comes to chimney flashing, as it is lightweight, it can withstand high temperatures, resists cracking and breaking and can fight extreme weathers. However copper is expensive as compared to the other types available. A material that is specifically made for it does the installation of copper. The sealant applied, will form an extra barrier, preventing the water from leaking in. Copper is not easy as well when it comes to forming different angles, therefore shapes that are rounded etc. can be a tough job

Window Flashing

Besides chimney flashing there are other types of flashing as well that hold equal importance such as window flashing. Window flashing is done around joints or crevices to prevent water from seeping in. Winds that are driven with rain can easily cause water seeping in but once weatherproofing has been installed, it can be prevented.

Deck Flashing

Decks and porch are a common sighting in homes nowadays. If at any point you decide to get one installed, make sure you install protective flashing as well. It is available in different types and can be bent to fit any shape. Stainless Steel, Vinyl and Copper are the best options available and upon consulting with chimney contractors Columbia MD, especially in the case of repair, they will let you know the best affordable and effective option for you to consider.

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