Preparing your kitchen for a quick resale

Are you planning to prepare your home for a quick resale? Well, in this regard, it would be great for you to know that kitchens tend to sell homes pretty quick. After all, for most people, a kitchen is the part of the home where they can connect with themselves. Indeed, dining out with friends and family is an experience that everyone yearns for. Hence, a big number of house buyers look for houses with well-defined kitchens that boast luxurious looking granite countertops and a very warm environment. 

Now that you know the importance of kitchens in house selling, let us talk about creating a space that a house buyer would be interested in. 

How to prepare your kitchen for a house resale? 

Well, once you have prepared your kitchen as it should be and put the pictures of the house up, your house will not sit on the seller’s market for a long time. In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to prepare your kitchen for a house resale. These include: 

Getting a warm wooden look 

In case you are planning to redo the flooring of the kitchen, get hardwood. Literally, this type of flooring is king when it comes to the kitchen. Many buyers especially look for kitchens with hardwood floors when they are buying a property. As a result of this, the value of your house will increase instantly. 

However, quality hardwood does not really come cheap. So, you can also choose a similar looking material that is not very expensive. This includes porcelain tiles and vinyl. This may significantly lower the price of flooring, while keeping the ROI as high as possible. 

Paint the kitchen cabinets 

Well, painting the kitchen cabinets often does wonders. In case your kitchen cabinets are not in great shape, your kitchen will look cheap. This may be a big turn off for most buyers. After all, buyers will themselves want to improve its condition later. As a result of this, you may not get a higher price for your house. 

Usually, a DIY paint job will cost no more than $100. In case you think that you cannot pull this off, consider hiring a professional to do the task for you. However, to a professional, you may have to pay anywhere from between some hundred dollars to $2000 depending on the job. 

Replace the kitchen countertop

Indeed, kitchen countertops are considered to be the major king when it comes to kitchens. This is because they can define the entire look of the kitchen right away. So, when you are placing your house on the market, make sure that your kitchen countertops are in great shape. Otherwise, no buyer would want to give a high price for the house. 

A kitchen countertop is extremely important because this is where buyers imagine themselves cooking and also dining sometimes. So, it is just natural for them to want a nice and sleep countertop that looks classy and just as good as new. So unless you give them what they need, you may not get the price that you are asking them for.

Ending note 

Sometimes, a good kitchen can increase the price of a house by several thousand dollars. However, it is important to keep your expectations realistic and to prepare your kitchen for a high ROI. In this regard, consider contacting the countertop replacement Durham NC companies near you to see what they offer. Also, let your contractor know that you are looking for maximum ROI. Hence, your contractor will then give you an advice accordingly. 

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