10 Clever Ways To Ask For A Review For Your Restaurant

Getting reviews from customers for your restaurant can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. It requires some particular techniques, tricks, and a customer review software for management. This guide will help you know the clever ways to ask for review for your restaurant from the customers.

Use Facebook And LinkedIn

There is no denying that social media is an effective option when it comes to using it for customer reviews. If you have a restaurant and want to get more online reviews, you can connect with customers and relevant people in the industry through Facebook and LinkedIn. Here you will have a bunch of people willing to write awesome reviews. This will also encourage further people.

Make Use Of Targeted Emails

Post-salves reviews can be best gathered if you follow up the customers and reach them through emails. By sending emails, you can remind them and convince your customers to not forget that they have to write a review for your restaurant. A good number of companies use this trick of emails and end up with lots of awesome reviews. It is a simple and most valuable option.

Take A Quick Video For Testimonial

According to some marketing experts, you can also use the FaceTime or Skype or other video call options to request the customers for a short video. When the customer starts it, you must record the video, edit it and make sure it is shared on the site as well as social media with good quality. These kinds of videos go a long way in attracting new customers and building the reputation of your restaurant or commercial kitchens.

Sweep Reviews In B2B

Another amazing idea to request more reviews for your restaurant is to approach the people in the B2B industry. They also need reviews. So it can be a great sweep between two brands. You will have to provide them with a decent review whereas they will oblige you with a review for your restaurant. It costs nothing, even no time at all. This is one of the best ways and must be utilized to the fullest.

Ask When The Customer Is Satisfied

There are certain rules when it comes to getting customer reviews. One of the best rules is to ask for a review when the customer is satisfied and happy. You should reach them before they leave the restaurant. It does work. Further, you should make the review writing for customers easy. Use digital devices to save more time and get it done in a few seconds.

Send SMS Review Requests

Going further, there are more ways to request reviews for your restaurant. In the past, SMS was used to request for reviews. It worked. However, it still works and some brands are using it even now. Sending SMS can be made easier by using some review management or digital marketing tools. Such a system will allow you to manage a huge number of contacts in a short period of time.

Promote Feedback On Social Media

There are many further ways that are as effective as the original options to attract more customers to write reviews for your restaurant. One of these options is to share the already written reviews and video testimonials on the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and others. This will not only enhance your reputation but encourage more people for reviews.

Incentivize Your Customers

As a restaurant owner or manager, you must be brilliant with ideas. You should offer incentives to the customers to make them feel more valued and respected. Little incentives go a long way in convincing people to write reviews.

Send A Car And Gift

Gifts are considered ideal when it comes to getting more reviews from the customers. A restaurant can introduce special offers with extra gifts for loyal customers. There can also be gifts on special and festive occasions in order to improve brand image and get more reviews.

Create QR Codes For Reviews 

Lastly, you should do your best to make the review writing process as simple as possible. One of the best tricks is to introduce QR codes which let users access the review portal just by scanning the code with their phone camera. It is real quick and superfast.

It is recommended to start using a review management system for your restaurant to handle the reviews effortlessly.

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