When to think about the Hip Replacement?

Need of hip surgeon is necessary when you have continues severe hip pain because it is the time to think about the hip replacement or any other hip treatment. If you are suffering continues hip pain or any other trouble in your hip then it would be a good step to search for an expert hip doctor or surgeon. When the pain in your hip joint is unbearable and any medication or physical therapies are not working then hip replacement is necessary. Hip replacement is a method in which artificial hip is installed in place of the damaged hip joint. Usually, physical therapies and medication can alleviate the pain but you should not depend on medications for the long time.

Common signs when you need to think about the Hip Replacement:

  • Continues hip pain
  • Any previous serious injury on your hip due to accident
  • Severe hip ache during exercise or working
  • Difficulty in moving, standing and even walking.
  • Feeling stiffness in our hip while sitting
  • Experience severe pain during rainy season
  • Pain distracts you from your work and interferes in your sleeping
  • Found swelling or stiffness for the long time
  • Experience grating of your hip joint
  • Cane and medication are not working
  • Found bone deformity or damage.

These are the common signs when you need to get advice from your doctor about the hip replacement. Though hip replacement is not an only solution for all hip troubles. There are many other ways to deal with hip pain like Hip Resurfacing, Osteotomy, and Arthroscopy. The procedure of all the treatments is different from each other. Your doctor will suggest the best treatment as per your requirement.

Procedure of the Hip Replacement:

Generally doctors try to avoid this replacement surgery and give medicines or other treatments first to overcome from your hip problems. This treatment is used when all the other conservative methods of treatment have failed to provide relief in all hip problems. During the surgery, where surgeon replace the damaged hip joint. Prosthesis, a metal or any plastic component is used in place of the hip joint. During the surgery, firstly anesthesia is applied to give deep sleep so that you will not feel any pain. By cutting along the side of hip, your surgeon will expose the hip joint and install artificial joint with the help of cement or any other material that is useful in new joint.

Remember, hip joint is one of the largest as well as important joints of the body so don’t ignore any sign of hip trouble. Contact best hip surgeon in Woodbridge to get appropriate treatment of your hip pain.

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