Silk Rugs – Sharing Some Useful Facts

Silk rugs are extremely popular since ages. That feel of silk between the fingers is always treated with highest level of appreciation. Owning a silk rug is considered to be highly prestigious and proves your luxurious nature. These are delectable and help in providing stunning outlook to the house interior. These rugs are made from highest quality silk and mostly imported from Turkey. Yes, the best quality buy silk rugs online are handmade in Turkey. There are some places in China too where you would find these items being manufactured. However, as far quality is concerned, the Turkish variants are considered to be the best in terms of finishing, longevity, and quality.

Common types of silk rugs

There are basically two popular variants available: Persian and Oriental. However, the later one is considered to be more popular. They come with cotton base to provide that extra bit of durability and stability along with a pile of silk to provide the best of luxury. Basically, silk is used as a base material that helps in strengthening the foundation and creating perfect piling. These rugs have a certain artistic feel that matches to simply none. These are highly intricate in terms of detailing and are woven into closest knots. While many of these rugs are manufactured in Persia, they don’t have to be specifically termed as Persian rugs. Yes, there are Persian variants that differ in terms of feature and stitching knots.

Type of silk used in rugs

No artificial silk is used for manufacturing of oriental rugs. Only silk extracted from silk worms are used to make the best quality rugs. In fact, this process started nearly 2000 years before the birth of Christ. It was China where such a mechanism to prepare rugs was first discovered. The master craftsmen from the villages would weave the extracted silk into these rugs to make them comfortable and more luxurious.


It is not difficult to find a quality silk rug store in VA. However, the prices are on the higher side when you plan to purchase silk rug of highest quality. These rugs are not necessary used as floor coverings. Rather, many prefer to hang them through the wall as an additional decorative measure. While purchasing, be very careful about the fake ones available in the market. These are usually made from rayon blends and expected to last less long in comparison to the pure silk variants. However, these artificial products are cheaper in terms of pricing.

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