What Are The Five Stages Of Divorce

You know that you need a proper counseling sessions with your family lawyer once the thought of divorce just struck your mind. It is not an easy way to go as you have to prepare for lots of hurdles coming up your way. Let’s discuss five crucial stages of divorce that you must be aware of before taking this decision.

Understanding stages of divorce

  1. Fighting with Your Mind

It is a stage when you are fighting with your mind to get as answer either you really want a divorce or you want to work out to make things better. It is not recommended to consult any divorce lawyer at this stage as you need to conclude first that what you want actually. Sometimes you refuse to accept that your relationship is going to over and even after so many unaccepted things, you make efforts to save the marriage. This is considered to be the most difficult phase when you are unsure about what life has to offer you in a few days.

  1. Panic on Progressing Towards Final Decision

Once you are clear about things to end the marriage and you know that  filing divorce is the only option now then comes the stage of panic. Your family lawyer plays a very important role here to counsel you and to make you understand that life does not end here. You might contact your spouse again to remember the good memories you both had but doing that at this stage is of no use. You may feel numb, frustrated, depressed and maybe you get some suicidal thoughts as well but you have to be very strong for your own sanity. Fear of living alone is definitely very difficult but you have to make yourself believe that everything happens for a reason that is good for you.

  1. Real Separation

It is a stage when you both have agreed to get separated and consult a divorce lawyer to proceed things officially. Though depression has not let you go freely but you are ready for the rollercoaster awaiting to give you a great ride of ups and downs. On this stage, both partners are now physically separated and ready to make this legal separation an official one.

  1. Legal Documentation

At this stage, you both partners have to agree on certain points that legal authorities have made to make both of your lives easier. For instance, if you have children then you both have to agree on who is going to keep children and how much you both will have to pay for child support. Then comes the monetary values like if you both have got a home, car, insurance plans, taxes and other things together which will have to divide as per the income levels you both are getting. Here again, you have to keep your family lawyer involved in each and every matter to be sure nothing goes wrong in your favor. And now you both have officially got separated and end that marriage and vows you both made together. After all this documentation, you begin to feel responsible for what things you have got on your part and you mentally get a relaxed feeling to end all this drama finally. You even become willing to forgive the mistakes of your partner to some extent which makes easy for you to move on.

  1. Acceptance and Moving On

This stage is a much better than others when you begin accepting things and what has happened to you in life. You start accepting your life as it is and move on to look at other positive aspects of life. Also, the best divorce lawyer fairfax va will wrap up things which is going to help you in healing all the wounds and you might make plans for yourself which makes you feel better. This stage is bit interesting as well when you find out your inner strengths and talent which you always neglected. You also work on areas where you feel to pour in your talent but could never get a chance to do due to a toxic relationship in the past. This is a period of growth in which nothing else matter for you anymore and you are ready to go forward keeping all your fears aside.

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