Top 7 Relationship Resolutions For The New Year

Another year comes to an end, and we stand here wondering at the speed with which it passed. For once let’s put our personal resolutions aside, which truth be told we rarely keep. I don’t mean to discourage you form self-improvement, the point is to convince you to for once focus on the people around us, and how to strengthen our bonds with them. Self-improvement can go side by side!

Be More Understanding Towards My Partner

No one would want to fight with his/her significant other on petty issues. Every time you feel you would lose your temper, just take a breath and think if the issue is worth fighting and ruining your relationship?

Be more patient with one another and let go of anything that might cost you your partner.

Giving More Time To Each Other

All of us are too caught up in our lives that we barely make out time for each other, and even in our spare time we are glued to the screens of our TV or cellphones, and the list goes on! Make sure when you are together there is no distraction. Listen to each other and water the profound relation between you.

Be Honest And Open

Never hold back your views or feelings. Otherwise, they might build up into something dangerous. But make sure not to play blame games. Start off by saying what you feel so that you can talk it out and find a solution for the issue.

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Do not let the past interfere with the present. Make peace with the argument or fight and move past it. Live each moment without the bitterness of what happened. Do not pile up the past issues so much so that they build a wall between you two. Let the wall fall, let the misunderstandings and fights slide past you.

Appreciate Each Other

Many of the fights and arguments stem form useless criticism. Praise and complement each other for the little things that you do for each other. Dragging in something that is not even worth the niggle should be avoided. Instead, praise the little efforts you both make to keep the boat from drowning.

Be Optimistic

As humans it’s in our nature to fall more on the negative aspect of something, it is this quality that we have to fight. Being with someone for a very long period, makes us vulnerable to this negative approach, just for once think of the things which kept you together for so long. This year make sure you look at the bright side. Remind yourself of the things you love about each other it will make you change the way you deal the difficulties.

Enjoy Each Moment

The work stress can make you all serious and boring. But hey you need not be serious together. Be playful, have fun, be silly if you have to be. It’s a great stress reducer and spices up your relation.

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