Chimney Cleaning Services – Best Options To Avail

Chimney cleaning services are needed to improve the performance of your fireplace while preventing any sudden fire hazards from taking place. It is absolutely necessary to clean the fireplace regularly. It would help in improving its performance as well as efficiency level. It will also help in extending the life cycle of the chimney.

Chimney Inspection through professional help

Chimney inspection is necessary at least once in every 3 months as a safety measure. The inspection should be followed by cleaning the chimney interior to remove highly inflammable soot. Hiring a professional chimney cleaning team is always the best option to look out for. They definitely possess the best of knowledge on dealing with the cleansing process and also which tools to use and what to omit. They will also follow the best safety practices.

Cleaning of the fireplace

There are several tools that need to be used to clean the fireplace. Suitable precautionary measures along with the right methodologies should be followed. It all comes down to one basic point: getting the chimney cleaned in the most appropriate way. Have a look at the list of tools required to commence with the task:

  • Flexible rope / rod (lengths need to be variable)
  • Wire Chimney poly brush / brush (lengths need to be variable)
  • Tarp / covering cloths
  • Broom
  • Shovel
  • Gloves, dust mask, and goggles
  • Bucket for debris, ash, and dust
  • Helmet and safety belt arrangement for taller structures
  • Flashlight along with mirror attachment for deeper visibility
  • Ladder

Different chimney cleaning methods

There are basically 4 professionally recognized chimney cleaning methods available. These are listed below:

  • Top to bottom (with flexible rod)
  • Bottom to top (with flexible rod)
  • Dual line method of chimney cleaning (with the rope)
  • Weight method of chimney cleaning (with the rope)

The most preferred option

Top to bottom chimney cleaning with a flexible rod is probably the most popular option for the professionals. The dirt, creosote, soot, and debris gets perfectly cleaned without letting them fall over the floor or furniture, thus assuring perfect cleanliness. A ladder is required for the professional to climb at the top of the chimney roof and open the cap. The brush is inserted from the top while scrubbing down to the chimney liner and dragging the brush back. Flashlight is used to verify whether any residue remains within or not.

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