Stone Patio Vs Brick Patio

Brick patio can also be called a natural patio, and it can be a really valuable addition to your property. However, the stone patio and lots of other competing options are also available when you ask a backyard patio builder for a patio.

So, here is a quick comparison of both the stone and brick patios that’ll help you select the better of the two options.

Overall Cost

When we come down to the basics and begin the comparison by taking a look at the price, we find out that the bricks are cheaper as compared to stones. The production cost of bricks is low as the raw material is readily available, on the contrary, stone must be mined and cut into the perfect shape before you use it anywhere.

The cost of stone per unit is usually twice as much, or even more in some cases. However, keep in mind that this two times high price is only for the stone, the installation costs are separate.


When it comes to the structure of their surfaces, the brick patio is rough, and the stone patio is smooth. You should select one of these two available surfaces after carefully analyzing the situation, and what type of usage you’ll be getting out of your patio.


Both brick and stone are made by using natural products, the only difference being that the stone is solidly formed inside the earth, while the bricks are baked by using clay and a kiln. Bricks made these days tend to be as reliable and durable as any natural stone, so you can count on both of these options to last a really long time.

So, in the case of durability, it again comes down to your personal preference.

Options for Designing

Bricks can be used to easily make intricate patterns and designs of various colors. All you have to do is to find bricks of different colors to mix them all together in your patio.

The natural stone, however, doesn’t allow for that much flexibility. Yes, the options are several, but they are usually the same classic patterns. So, we almost have a winner here. If you want to go for a classic patio look, go for a stone patio, however, for the homeowners who want to make their patio the center of attraction, they should invest in a brick patio.

Stain Cleaning

Stains are everywhere in our houses, and a patio is nothing different. In fact, there are many things, like engine oil, drain drips, fallen food, and others that can cause some serious stains on your well-designed patio.

A stone patio can be cleaned by using a pressure washer and a natural soap. Keep in mind that using strong bleaching agents and other chemicals can cause the natural stone to lose it’s original glare and shine. If the stone isn’t getting cleaned after a stain, it’ll need to be replaced.

In the case of bricks, you’ll only have to replace the permanently stained brick(s), and everything will be right once again. With stones, you’ll have to refinish the surface with a special product to help restore the natural look after replacing the stone.

Brick Patios

Bricks are made by using clay, which is glazed after being molded into a specific structure. This process converts the bricks into stone-like structures, which can then be used to make patios and every other thing imaginable.

Usually, people who have bricks incorporated into the exterior of their house go for a brick patio. The brick weathers over time, and loses some of its natural color and look, however, this process happens to be a lot slower as compared to the stones.

Stone Patios

Stone is one of the most used materials in the making of patios. You can use the naturally mined and cut stone, or just use the artificial one. The artificially made stone can help you get any style that you need in your patio.

In addition to using the stone for patio, you can also utilize it for various other purposes. With a brick patio, you can build the patio with fixed sized bricks. However, stones can be bought in different shapes, so, every pattern made will be unique. That is why many people request patio contractors Long Island for a stone patio too.

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