How to become a corporate event planner?

Every corporate event planner should have good organizational skills, pay attention to minute details, keep the tone professional and concentrate on marketing strategies such as company’s branding. Even if you are organizing a causal corporate event such as golf match, you will have to pay attention to details like company’s color, logo, etc.

To become a corporate event planner, establish a network of contacts with people related to your business and clients. Remember the most important qualifications are willpower and perseverance. You should have some good skills in verbal and written communication, time management, budget management, creativity, marketing, public relations.

It might be difficult initially to find a paid job, but the aim should be to get a good reference and work experience. Start off by organizing events for small companies to get a good referral. Try organizing a couple of charity events.

Create a portfolio. Show your work in the form of photographs, brochures, invitations of the events you have worked on. Put it together in a book to show it to the clients. Clients like it when you can put across your ideas visually.

Distribute business cards to attendees at the event, if it is okay with your clients. Also, give feedback cards with your business card as this will help you sharpen your skills and organize a better corporate event the next time.

One should be well-organized, remain composed under pressure and work within a budget to throw a successful corporate event. Remember corporate clients will have a tight budget for events, which can be tricky to get catering, buying other materials for decoration, finding a venue, that fits within the budget. Maintain a list of corporate venues, convention centers, rental costs per event that will come handy when approaching clients.

As a corporate event planner, you should have the knowledge in arranging equipments for audio visual presentation, meetings, conferences and seminars. You should manage and supervise all the details for every type of corporate events like trade shows, product launch, meeting of the board of directors, team building events.

While you are gaining experience in organizing corporate events, you can become a qualified corporate event planner. This can help establish your credibility with your clients.

Planning and accomplishing an event successfully to meet the expectation of your client should be the final goal.

Follow these tips to become a corporate event planner.

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