Different types of tents that are commonly used for wedding functions

Wedding is an important event in everybody’s life. After spending long years in colleges and job training when one gets a job he feels happy thinking that it will become the starting point of achieving his most cherished dream of marrying his girl friend and start a new family life.  Everyone wants the wedding function to be celebrated with pomp, great dancing and revelries. For those people who can afford to spend big sum of money often goes for auditoriums or special halls intended for wedding functions. Others may opt for wedding tent rentals and the function will be held in a nearby ground or an open space in the river valley or in a natural and rustic settings like that.

Know about wedding tent rentals

As wedding event is a special event that requires unique look and high energy dance setting, the tents selected for such a function should be one capable of creating such an ambience. Many types of tents are available with the tent rentals and depending upon the event, these tent rentals will bring a suitable tent considering the expectations and limitations of the persons who are behind the wedding ceremony.


Which type of tent is to be rented for making the wedding celebration most enjoyable and unforgettable?  Most of the people are very confused about this as they do not have any clear idea about these matters. Canopies can be rented from party supplies or tent rentals. They often provide packages based on the number of guests and other facilities going to be arranged for the wedding function. These tents vary from elegant to simple and are available in different designs and shapes. You only have to select a canopy considering the requirements and the suggestions given by your rental provider. Select the canopy which has enough space to fit all the events and things like chairs, tables, bar, dance floor, gifts section etc within it.

For small scale weddings high peaked frame canopies are excellent.  These tents are often available with 10 to 20 feets in width.  They stand freely without any inner support. They have strikingly sculptured tent tops in the interior as well as in the exterior. These are unique structures that stand alone as a class of their own.

Traditional frame tents

These types of tents are usually used for backyard events. They do not have any interior poles and they stand freely. They are of adjustable heights.  By changing the heights moderate changes in the elevation can be achieved. More and more frame tents can be joined together for getting different tent configuration.

Clearspan structures

These can be considered as excellent alternatives to conventional tents and are used for wedding parties and private parties. They are free standing as they do not have any interior poles.  These tents are suitable for the areas where there are large obstacles. Floral arrangements and lighting can be used to make this type of canopies more attractive and enhance the ambience of weddings as it brings refreshing and joyful environment.  Providing sidewalls can bring privacy to the wedding function, if required.

There are a wide variety of tents which can be used depending upon the range of the wedding ceremony and the number of guests expected to participate. If you have any suspicion regarding what type of wedding tents will be suitable for you, do not be shy to explain your needs to the wedding party rentals rockland ny you are engaging for the event as he will be the best person to suggest the tent type needed for you and most suitable for your aspirations and dreams about the wedding function.

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