Balayage Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Balayage hair highlights is a French hair coloring method. It was famous back in the ’70s and now its viral again. This hair color makes the hair look all natural yet refreshed. It’s pretty common now a days but since everyone is doing it left right and center the chances of mistakes increase.

Things to know about Balayage hair highlights

Here are the most common mistakes made with balayage and their solutions according to the experts from balayage hair salon.

  1. A Little Too Much A Little Too Early

The expert would know when to add, where to add and most importantly how much to add to the hair when doing balayage hair highlights. Unlike others techniques that uses, foil or cap, balayage is done with hands. You just paint the hair with a brush and backing board. So, it’s crucial to add gradually from the root to the middle and then at the end. You can increase the quantity eventually but not in the extreme start. Being heavy handed at the roots ruins the whole natural effect of the balayage hair highlights. To avoid this super mistake, you will need to find yourself a balayage salon precisely, most salons don’t have balayage experts hence mistakes are made. If you are a beautician, then be sure that you know your tools well, it’s very important to understand which brush will best suit which hair. If you take a faulty brush you might end with more color than needed.

  1. Cut Is More Important Than Color

Yes, you heard it right, the cutting down of the hair is important when it comes to balayage hair highlights, why? Because the foundation should be solid enough to build the house. Lay the foundation of your highlights in the cut and work your way up with the actual color. Some hair are easy to cut while others may take two or more sittings. Most salons would either do it wrong, or just skip the whole step and concentrate only on balayage color, that results in a mess than highlights. This is easy to avoid if only you’d take time out to know the history of the client. Consult the expert at the balayage salon, be very clear about the color history of your hair. Let them do two or three sittings to lay the foundation. This will take trust from the client’s side and patience from the salon’s side.

  1. Uneven Saturation

Marbleizing is a very common mishap with balayage hair highlights. This occurs when there is uneven saturation. Applying the dye unevenly will end up in uneven color, i.e. dark in some places and light in others. What you can do to avoid this is, when you have applied the dye, take a step back and observe. If you see unevenness anywhere correct it and if you see everything as smooth as it should be than you are good to go. Product selection matters here as well, you should really have a vast education on your products. Everyone’s hair is different. They vary in color, texture, thinness and thickness; hence they will need different products as well. You can’t use one product in every type of hair, can you? Surely not! some clients will need a Lightner while some will need something more aggressive or may be less. Some will take one sitting some will need more than two even. It’s all about knowing what works best on who. Again, I would emphasize that you will need to seek out the best balayage hair salon, if you want a spectacular color that will woe the audience.

Tips and Hack to Help Prevent Balayage hair highlights Mistakes

  1. The product should be thick to stay put, if its runny you won’t be able to have an even application as it will run through the hair.
  2. To avoid going deeper, apply little and in a sweeping motion.
  3. Keep checking the consistency of your product.
  4. Don’t just concentrate on the top part, keep checking underneath as well. To have perfect even color over and under.
  5. Don’t give up, always keep practicing.

Balayage hair highlights have a lot of tips and tricks, be sure that you choose the right balayage hair salon rockville md to avoid any mishaps.

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