Top dishwasher repair tips for you

Without a doubt, it is incredibly important to repair your dishwasher on a routine basis so that it works just like new. However, many homeowners do not understand the technicalities of dishwashers. They only understand its importance once it stops working. Find a dishwasher repair company in an emergency would be much more difficult than keeping one in loop.

Dishwashers are an essential part of any household, but when they break down, they can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs. Follow these simple steps to keep your dishwasher running smoothly for years to come.

The most common solutions

However, note that these tips do not work once your dishwasher has suffered a major fault. If you do not focus on the maintenance of your dishwasher, then it is likely to shut down at some point. After all, dishwashers are always susceptible to getting blocked by gunk and hence, this could damage the inner parts.

Check the Drain Line

If your drain line has become clogged with food particles, soap residue, or other debris, check it out before calling a plumber. A clog will cause water to back up into the sink, causing damage to the pipes and potentially flooding your home.

Clean the Filter

You should clean the filter at least once every six months. This helps prevent bacteria build-up and keeps the machine running efficiently. Filters are at the heart of dishwashers as they separate water from the solid particles of foods that are left behind on the dishes.

Without filters, it may not be possible to entirely wash your dishes properly. But when filters get blocked, dishwashers stop working because it prevents the proper flow of water forward. So, this is probably the first thing that you should check when your dishwasher is not working.

Replace the Spray Arm

If the spray arm has been damaged, replace it with a new one. It will cost $20-$30 and take less than an hour to install. However, if you are not sure how to install the spray arm, then read the instruction manuals of your dishwasher and replace them. Otherwise, it is safer to call a repair company and ask for guidance or service.

Check the Hose Connection

Make sure the hose connection is tight before turning on the water. If not, check the connections at both ends of the hose. If the hose connection is lost, then water could leak out into your kitchen. However, sometimes, gunk ends up blocking the outlets and inlets of the house, resulting in no water flow. When this happens, your appliance will either stop working or will not work very inefficiently.

Inspect the Motor

Check the motor by removing the door panel and looking inside. Look for any signs of corrosion or damage. Also, make sure there isn’t a leaky faucet or drainpipe nearby. In case you see any signs of corrosion, it probably means that you are too late. Your best bet would be to entirely replace the corroded parts and install new ones on their place.


Dishwashers are incredibly important for houseowners and restaurant owners. In specific, they need to function properly in a restaurant so that dishes are always clean to serve new customers. If the dishwasher stops working, you will have to manually wash the dishes.

You would already know that manual labor is much more difficult in comparison with automatic work. Hence, dishwashers hold great importance in the kitchen. To get timely repairs, look for reviews and find the best appliance repair Fairfax company near you. Already having someone to rely on removes a big part of worry from your head so that you can focus on the other aspects of your kitchen.

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