Top 5 hair straightening treatments

The summer season is currently on its way. And every year, along with it comes a high amount of humidity in the air. Unfortunately, humidity is one of the main causes of frizzy hair. So, you should be prepared to battle with it this year beforehand. Fortunately, many treatments are now available that help reduces frizz. For that, all you must do is set up an appointment with a keratin treatment salon and discuss your problems with a professional stylist.

This article will supplement your knowledge about hair straightening treatment and will help you on top of the guidance of your hairstylist at the salon. This will help you in choosing the right treatment to battle frizz and to let go of your curls this summer.

Different hair straightening methods

There are many methods available, and you can choose any of these based on your requirements and budget. Though, each of these has its pros and cons.

Flat iron straightening

This is not really a chemical straightening treatment. However, it is a method using which you can temporarily style your hair so that it looks sleek and straight. But note that this is a temporary process and your hair will return to its original texture once washed. Furthermore, too much use of flat irons can sometimes increase frizz. So, we suggest you use this method only on special occasions.

Hair rebonding

This is a chemical treatment that makes hair shiny, sleek, and straight. It involves the use of a relaxant softener. This breaks the hair structure. After this, a stylist will apply a neutralizer that will rebond the structure of your hair. This treatment is ideal for those who have thick or wavy hair and have trouble styling it. However, it is not recommended for thinner or coarse hair.

Chemical relaxing

In this process, the protein bonds in the hair get broken. After the breakage of some bonds in curly hair, the hair ends up becoming straight. While this sounds simple, it is very important for this treatment to be performed only by an expert. Breakage of too many bonds will damage your hair by making it limp and lifeless.

Japanese hair straightening

This is one of the most popular methods for hair straightening that involves the use of both heat and chemicals. In this smoothing treatment, the structure of the hair is altered permanently. However, note that any new incoming hair will have the original texture of your hair based on your genes.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment, which is also known as Brazilian straightening treatment is the most popular hair straightening method. It has been around for a long time now, and that is because it is a safe treatment. Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in human hair. However, due to a decrease in the protein content of the hair (due to aging and a bad diet), the keratin level decreases.

In keratin treatment, a keratin coating is applied to the hair’s shaft that provides it nutrients. This results in the hair regaining its life and natural texture. After the application of keratin, heat is used to seal it in your hair. After this, one is advised not to wash their hair for 24-36 hours.


Among all the treatments available for straightening hair, a keratin treatment is the most viable and popular. It is primarily suitable for those who want to straighten their hair permanently. But it won’t suit those who are only looking to temporarily style their hair. So, when you are looking for hair straightening salons Potomac, make sure that your expectations and requirements are very clear.

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