The Most Unforgettable Outdoor Wedding

Wedding could be the most special occasion that a couple would be celebrating their whole life; however, preparations may be a bit stressful especially for some who needs to look for several wedding tent rentals in order to get the best for their wedding party. Outdoor wedding are very popular nowadays as people were able to make it more decorative as well as save them from transferring from the church to the reception since they can do both in one venue, which makes party tent rentals very in demand at the same time as well.

Different Types of Tents

  1. Pole Tent – one of the most common choice for any party celebration done outdoors, it’s sophisticated and elegant designs are even popular for wedding celebrations. However, using pole tents are not possible on hard surfaces since the poles have to be inserted on the ground.
  2. Frame Tent – this type of tent is supported by metal frames and can stand on most hard surfaces for the wedding tent decoration. The metal frames inside the tent that supports the weight can be used for additional decorating as well which makes it more versatile.
  3. Marquee Tent – its design is somehow between a pole and frame tent but usually stands on ground as well, giving you more ways to design it while still looking beautiful inside and out.
  4. Clear Tent – mostly follows the structure of a frame tent but has clear ceilings using clear vinyl. This is highly recommended on locations where in the stars and moon can be seen clearly while being protected from unexpended rainfall as well.
  5. Tropical Tents – best for daylight celebrations since it makes use of fabrics on bamboo frames that give tropical theme for the celebration. On the other hand, this will not give you any protection on rainfalls and strong winds and has to be inserted on the grounds too.
  6. Sailcloth Tent – one of the most adorable types of tent for using sailcloth for the ceiling perfect with lighting effects. It is somehow similar to a pole tent that since the design requires poles to be inserted on the ground as well.

Choosing your Tent

If you have already decided to celebrate your wedding outdoor and rent a tent, estimating the number of guests is very important. Tent rental companies will ask you of the size that you needed so that they would know which price to quote you as well. The bigger the place that you may have, the better it is to construct any kind of tent, just make sure you inform the rental services if the surface is hard or not. Inviting them to check on the venue will also help a lot in choosing the right size of the tent.

Prices will vary for every rental company, depending on how you wanted to set it up and if they can already include other decorations as a packaged deal. Calling other tent rental companies to check on different rates will also help you save money if you can get the lowest cost without sacrificing the quality. Remember to book early as well to make sure that everything will be in order on your special day.

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