Save More Money at Hair Salons with These Life-changing Ways

Fact: Going to hair salons is not cheap. After getting that perfect haircut, you need to maintain it every 8 to 12 weeks. Changing hair color will also cost some money. If you are not too careful, you might end up broke with all your salon visits.

To save some cash every time you go to the salon, here are some tricks you might want to keep in mind:

Forget Conditioning Treatment

Stylists or colorists might tell you that your hair desperately needs a conditioning treatment and if it does, then, go for it. However, when your hair is still healthy, say no to the treatment. They will not tell you that it only adds to your bill. Go for deep conditioner or hair mask you can use at home.

Do Root Touchups at Home

You can surely extend your color’s life by touching up the roots using an at-home kit.

Shampoo Before

In general, assistants shampoo your hair at salons. Washing it yourself first will save you from having to tip another person.

Don’t Purchase Products

More than anyone else, you know what will work for your hair, so if it is not broken, don’t try fixing it. if they recommend a product which sounds truly amazing, better go home first and research more about it. You could find it much cheaper online or you might even find a more affordable substitute.

Visit a Beauty School

Most beauty schools usually provide discounted rates.

Don’t Choose the Master Stylist

A more experienced stylist will obviously have a higher price. if you are serious about saving, you can opt for less experienced ones instead.

Say No to Blowdry

Although blow dry is part of the cut, many colorists are still charging extra for that blowout. So, choose to leave the doors of the salon even if you still have wet hair and go for a do it yourself blowout at your home.

Go for Balayage

When you lighten your locks, you can try to get a balayage done. Not like foils, it will allow a much easier grow out to let you go longer in between visits to the salon.

Choose Low Maintenance Haircut and Styles

Finally, go or a hairstyle which will not call for constant touchups or tips, unless you can comfortably do it at home on your own or you can take suggestion from the best hairstylist in rockville.

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