Pregnancy Termination – Helpful Advice for the Parents

In clinic abortion providers know and understand that unexpected pregnancy tends to be difficult not only for the women but also for their partners, family members, friends, and of course, their parents. This is why young parents are always encouraged to talk things out with their parents if they are comfortable with it. Getting an abortion, after all, is one of the major turning points in the life of a young adult.

Role of Parents in the Abortion Process

Studies revealed that it is more likely for young women to experience a favorable outcome after getting an abortion if they have supportive parents.

Young clients often say that they don’t know what they would have done if their mom isn’t with them. Their parents support them 100% whatever their decision about the pregnancy might be.

Parents should know that their children will more likely perceive them to be supportive if they help them with any decision they make. As a parent, it is a must that you emphasize this promise with a definite action. No one can blame parents if they have strong emotions regarding the pregnancy of their daughter. It is only normal for them to feel angry, sad, frightened, or worried. But, whatever your emotions might be, your child will need your support and help every step of the way.

The first reaction you might have can be anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, or shock. You might also feel a bit overwhelmed. After this initial reaction, you will search inside yourself for compassion, understanding, and patience. Don’t forget that your daughter chose to approach you during this crisis. It is now your turn to decide how you are going to respond to the trust she gave you.

How Parents Can Help Their Children

The number one thing parents can do is listen to their daughter and what she feels about the situation. It is crucial for your daughter to feel comfortable in making this decision. She should also feel and know that she will be the one to make the decision here. It may mean that parents must take a step back and give her space to think things through.

Eventually, you will have to tell her about what you think and how the decision is going to affect you. However, you still need to understand that ultimately, it is her decision. Allow her to explore her feelings. If your child still chooses to undergo an abortion, the support and care you will give is going to contribute a lot to her mental and physical health. Patience is a must. Know that your daughter is also as worried, consented, and confused as you are.

Here are the most helpful things parents can do for their children who will get or are planning to get an abortion:

  • Make yourself available during the abortion experience.
  • Take time to sit down with her. Note her body language and listen to what and how she feels.
  • Give her a drive to and from the family planning abortion clinic DC.
  • Check in on her as frequently as possible and accompany her to the office if there is a need for a follow-up.

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