How To Make A Room Addition Project Affordable

If you had a young family at the time of buying your house, it is quite possible for your family to eventually outgrow the livable space in your house. However, you can always add another room to your house to increase the livable space and accommodate all of your family members without changing your house. Adding a room is an affordable home addition if you plan it carefully.

However, adding a new room to your house isn’t always cheap, and can especially dig a hole in your pocket if you’re on budget. Fortunately, there are several ways of adding a new room to your house within a cheap budget. For this money saving room addition project, you can use the existing space within your house and convert it into a room.

Here are some great tips on how you can make a room addition project affordable.

Consider The Basement Space

If you have an unfinished basement in your house, finishing it and converting it into a regular room can be one of the cheapest ways of adding a new room to your house. Depending on the size of your basement, you can use it as any room you’d like to add. The reason why you’ll save a lot of money this way is because the bones of the structure are already there.

The only things you might need to do is getting the flooring installed, and getting the walls properly finished and insulated. After this, adding electrical and plumbing/HVAC connections to the new room might also be necessary. You shouldn’t try to DIY any of the steps in this project, as the best money saving tips is actually hiring a well-known contractor with an extended experience of finishing basements. You might also be able to finish the basement by yourself if you’re experienced in these types of things as well.

Use The Garage

If there is no other empty space in your house that can be converted into a new room, you can convert your garage into a functional room as well. You can use the garage room for your older children, or guests who come to visit you every now and then. People also convert their garages into home offices and gyms to make their lifestyle better.

Converting a garage into a room is usually an inexpensive project since all the wiring, walls, floor, and roof are already there. However, you might still be needed to extend the HVAC system and insulate the walls of the garage as well. The floor can easily be covered with carpet. And as far as the garage door is concerned, you can remove the traditional garage door and replace it with sliding doors, or frame the wall to add windows and a traditional door to let someone light in. Keep in mind that you’ll also have to extend the plumbing system if you want to add a bathroom with the garage room as well.

Finish Your Attic

Finishing the attic is just like converting your basement into a room. Usually, an attic is converted into a bedroom for a growing family, but you have the liberty to convert yours into any type of space you want to. But keep in mind that converting an attic can be a challenging project since attics have all sorts of odd angles because they are directly under the roof. If you’re planning on converting your attic into a new room, you should first confirm if the ceiling is high enough.

There might even be building codes regarding the minimum height requirement to make an attic room. However, you’ll need to insulate the walls, and properly ventilate the room to keep it within a tolerable range in different types of weather.

Consider Adding A Sunroom

If neither of the above mentioned cheap room addition methods are within your budget, you can try adding a sunroom to your house, as this is by far the cheapest option that you’ll ever get. Adding a sunroom as an extra room in your house is one of the cheapest ways of adding another room to your house.

Sunrooms are cheaper to add because they usually have full walls made out of windows, and there are no bricks used in their construction. So, contact a reliable a home addition builder DC and expand your living space.

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