How To Increase Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Summertime means air conditioner repair and AC maintenance so that your air conditioner can be with you in the extremely hot months and can efficiently cool your home.

Energy efficient air conditioning

A higher temperature means that your air conditioner will have work more to cool the temperature in your house and this increases your electricity bills and reduces energy. However, there are many ways to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency so that you do not need air conditioner repair in the summer months.

Stop the Heat

Keep the windows closed and draw the curtains in the daytime to stop the sunlight and heat from coming inside the house. More heat will increase the temperature of your hose causing your AC to decrease its efficiency.

Do Not Touch the Temperature Control

Continuously altering the temperature from high to low cause your AC to lose its efficiency and may also damage it leading to air conditioner repair. Set the temperature in the middle and let the AC do its work and cool your house. It will cool the house if there is no interruption form any outside factors.

Turn on The Fan

The fan helps to distribute the cool air around the room. Turn on the AC as well as the ceiling fan which will require less energy and the room will cool faster.

Check for Leaks or Obstructions

If your ACs are old and you haven’t gotten an AC maintenance done for a long time then its high time you need one. You might have gotten leaks or blockages in the AC pipes which cause the cool air to get leaked outside leading top your AC working harder to cool the house but to no avail. A lot of energy is lost this way and it leads to inefficient cooling. Get a thorough AC maintenance to check for any leaks and obstructions and get it repaired by the professionals. They will repair the leaks by insulating the pipes and also remove instructions such as dirt and grime in the pipes and clean them.

Clean the Vents, Filters, And Ducts

Also clean the vents and openings of the air conditioner and ducts as dust and dirt might go in the openings and lead to obstruction in the way of cool air. This will also cause impure air to enter the rooms. Regularly clean the filters of the AC and the ducts, vents and other opening to purify the air… this also leads to efficient cooling.

Turn on The Exhaust

Regular chores such as cooking, washing clothes, ironing, dishwasher and clothes dryer can also increase the temperature of the house leading to hotter rooms. Turn on the exhaust fans of the house so that the heated air can be circulated outside the house.

Keep the Outer in Shade

The outer of your air conditioner which is usually placed outside the house should be kept in shade and not in direct sunlight. If the outer heat up then it will lead to an inefficient cooling of the air conditioner.

Apart from these measures, it is important to get your AC maintenance McLean at least once in 6 months for efficient cooling and working of your air conditioner.

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