How To Do The Coin A Bottle Magic Trick

A coin in a bottle is an exciting magic trick that you can use to impress the audience. For this trick, you need a rubber coin that you should get from a magic supplies store. For the second method of this trick, you may need a magnet.

What Happens In The Coin A Bottle Magic Trick?

You take a regular empty bottle or a bottle full of water and empty it in front of the audience. Then, ask a volunteer from the audience to lend you a coin or take a coin out of your own pocket. You take the coin and tap the bottle with the coin to show that it can’t penetrate the bottle. Then, you slam the coin into the bottle and the coin gets into the bottle. You show the bottle that now has a coin inside it to the audience.

Perform A Coin In A Bottle Trick Using A Rubber Coin

  1. Get a rubber coin, also called a flexible coin from a magic store. The coin should be big enough so it doesn’t go into the bottle without folding it. Moreover, keep a real coin in your pocket that looks exactly like the foldable replica coin.
  2. Take an empty water bottle and remove labels from it so no part of the bottle is hidden. Fill the bottle with water and place it where you’ll perform.
  3. When starting the magic trick, take the bottle and empty it in front of the audience.
  4. Take out the real coin from your pocket and strike the bottle to show that the bottle and coin are real and the coin can’t penetrate through the bottle. You can even ask some people from the audience to try and penetrate the coin into the bottle and test if the bottle and coin are real. This will make your magic trick more authentic.
  5. Now, you need to do the real trick. Wrap your one hand that has the rubber coin on the bottleneck. Take the real coin on the other hand and tell the audience that you will put the coin inside it by merely smacking it with your hand.
  6. During this time, use your communication to distract the audience like telling them a joke. I shared how I lost my new sunglasses in my Europe trip. While you’re telling the joke, gently slam the hand with the real coin on the bottle three times. On the third time, when you slam the bottle, insert the flexible coin in the bottle from your other hand that is on the bottleneck.
  7. While the audience witnesses the magic trick surprisingly, hide the real coin seamlessly.

Perform A Coin In A Bottle Magic Trick Using A Magnet

  1. Take a regular bottle and remove the labels.
  2. Put the coin in the bottle cap and stick a neodymium magnetic to your thumb or any finger that you will keep on the bottle at all times for holding the coin inside the bottle cap and keeping it out of the eyes of the audience.
  3. Screw the bottle cap on and keep your thumb on the bottle cap that has a magnet on it. Alternatively, you can stick the magnet to the bottle cap so you don’t need to keep your thumb on the bottle cap all the time.
  4. Take a coin from the audience but make sure that it’s the same as you have placed inside the bottle cap.
  5. Tell the audience that you will put the coin in the bottle by just smacking it with the coin. Slam the coin to the bottle hard enough that the coin on the bottle cap is released from the magnet and falls in the bottom of the bottle.
  6. You will still have a coin in your palm so hide that coin unnoticeably.
  7. For increasing the success of this magic trick, you should keep the audience engaged by telling a joke or a story.
  8. Give the bottle to the audience to examine. Before doing that, make sure you remove the magnet from the bottle cap.


Like other magic tricks, you need practice to learn the coin in a bottle magic trick. Moreover, get the rubber coin and magnet from a magic shop and impress your audience.

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