Food Warmer Repairs – Troubleshoot Problems Before Things Get Worse

It is not uncommon to need commercial range repairs every now and then. After all, food warmers are not much different from other restaurant equipment pieces. While generally reliable, they could still encounter issues, most of which have common causes.

There are several troubleshooting tips you might want to keep in mind to properly address more traditional problems with your food warmer:

Is It Plugged In?

Now, this might sound simple and obvious. How many times have you tried to fix your computer or TV only to realize minutes later that you didn’t plug it in? If your warmer doesn’t have juice, it will be tough to warm. Since most warmers can hold heat for a long time after they get unplugged, you might not really check whether it is plugged or not. However, starting with this simple thing can save you both time and frustration.

Is the Pilot Light Glowing? Is the Power Switch On?

If the switch is not turned on, or the pilot light is not glowing, you have now found your problem.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

This is another common issue like being plugged in, although this is a bit less obvious. Is your warmer the only equipment in your kitchen having problems? Did you plug it in? What about the rest of the units around or near it? if there are several equipment pieces that don’t work despite being plugged in, you might want to take a look at your breaker. Don’t forget to follow proper safety protocols when you work with your circuit breaker.

Inspect Rating Label for Voltage

It is something easier to forget and trickier. If you are running a warmer which requires 120 volts on an outlet which cannot supply this amount of voltage, you will run into some problems. It would be worthwhile to check this piece of information when you install your unit.

These tips mentioned above might seem simple and easy that you can do them all on your own. However, if you feel like you require further assistance, you can always look for expert professionals specializing on commercial kitchen appliance service va that can help you with addressing common issues with your food warmers. Through their skills, they can give you specific information about your machine, which include list of parts, and they have dozens of highly skilled technicians who can help you.


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