Everything you should know about rug textures

Rugs have a poor reputation from time to time. When they’ve been soiled or damaged, this can happen. The roughness of a rug can also become rough after a lengthy period of use. Remove the outdated ones. New antique rugs for your home might be a very affordable and appealing alternative if you’re in the market for them. Playrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms are all good places to put them.

However, while you go ahead and put a carpet in your home, you should be aware of your alternatives. There are several other considerations to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for your home. The carpet’s texture is a major consideration.

An easy-to-follow texture reference for rugs

Carpets are now available in a broad range of textures. All textures are distinctive in their own way. Texture selection is purely a matter of personal taste and choice. This is where your personal taste in design will come into play. Keep in mind that there are a plethora of textures to choose from.

It is impossible for us to even begin discussing any of these issues currently. Our list of the most popular rug textures is so complete. These include, but aren’t limited to:

The pile is leveled

The uncut loop piles in the level loop pile texture are arranged in regular arrays. As a result, these carpets have an extremely tight weave and no discernible pattern. Typically, this pattern is found in wool carpets that have been hand-woven, and it is typically the consequence of this process. As a result, additional hand-woven rugs and carpets display the same design motif.

The carpet is less soft because of its tight weave. However, footprints are less likely to be left behind as a result. Carpets with a flat loop pile texture, such as those seen in living rooms, are the best bets for high-traffic areas.


Traditional Berber rug patterns resemble a level loop in appearance. The main difference is that thicker yarn in neutral hues is used to create the Berber texture. Because of its additional durability, this design is ideal for high-traffic areas. In addition, the neutral color helps to keep dirt and grime hidden.

Loop pile

The sliced loop pile texture is very widely utilized, and it is extremely long-lasting.” Those regions with a combination of high and low traffic might consider this option. The loops in this texture are all the same height, but they’re all chopped in the same direction. This lends the rug a luxuriously supple feel. This selection also includes velvet and plush textures. For him, it’s all about how many twists and a pile there are.


With its lengthy pile length, Saxony gives the impression of a velvety and deep feeling. To create this texture, mounds of tightly coiled and densely packed material are stacked upright. These heaps, on the other hand, are easy to see footprints in due to their nearly consistent length and orientation. Therefore, Saxony carpets are ideal for places with little foot activity.


In every home, you’ll find one or more of the above-mentioned carpet designs. In addition, each of these is distinctive in terms of appearance and feel. Furthermore, some are more suitable for the winter season while others are better for the summer season.

Do your homework on patterns and textures before you go out to purchase rugs on sale Alexandria. If this is the case, your rug or carpet dealer may be able to provide you with further information on the textures. To avoid making the wrong buy, make sure your selection is well-researched and you have taken advice from a trusted seller.

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