Different Techniques of Tree Stump Removal

Compared to tree felling, tree stump removal is a complicated process. Felling a tree is quite hard but it does not require that expertise that is required for removing the stump of a tree. In case of stump removal both time and experience is required as the stump gets deep into the soil. Just cutting the trunk is not enough in case of removal of a stump of a tree.

Reasons for removing a tree stump

After a tree falls most of the time the stump is left on the ground. However sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the stump because it occupies some space that can be utilized for various purposes. Due to the stump a structural installation may not be possible or it may be preventing from completing any construction! Moreover, in a landscaped garden they may sometimes be an eyesore. And most important reason of all these is that although a stump may seem safe but different insects may make their home in it and in turn it becomes dangerous.

Thus, it becomes necessary to remove the stumps and there are different techniques adopted by the tree cutting services for removing the tree stumps.

Techniques for removing tree stumps

  • If the tree stump is small and is already rotten then it is possible to remove the stump by hands. With the help of a pick mattock, digging bar, length of chain or chain saw it is possible to remove such a stump. However, even for this too expertise is need as if proper efforts are not given then the overall work will be half-done and that may become more dangerous.
  • Another popular technique used for removing is grinding that must be attempted by professionals only. With the help of chain saw the stump is cut so that it becomes level to the ground. Then grinding is done so that the residual stump is removed. Again, it is better done by professional only.
  • In areas where stump grinders are not available the most common technique used is burning. In this process holes are bored in the stump and then potassium nitrate is poured in them. Water is poured inside the holes so that the chemical gets dissolved and then they are ignited. After it is completed the remnants are cleared.
  • One of the most cost effective ways of removing the stump is by chemicals. In this technique too potassium nitrate is poured in holes that are made around the stump and tree cutting services md. Then water is poured into the holes. For this method time is required as with time the stump becomes spongy and it can be easily torn away with axe.

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