Air Conditioner Components

Energy efficient air conditioning was once considered as a comfort and is now more of a necessity. Expert and reputed manufacturers have played the best part in making units more affordable priced. They have raised their capability and improved technology as well as commercial ac accessories. The rise in the competitiveness of the industry has just produced and more and amazing products.

These appliances vary significantly in size.  They get their power from several different sources. The attractiveness of commercial ac has augmented dramatically with the arrival of central air. The idea utilizes ducting for both heating and cooling. An AC system with a heat pump is a central ac as well as heating systems. In one of the modes, it performs the conditioning work. In the turn round mode, it becomes a heater.

Air conditioner components.

Condenser coil

Condenser coils are a system of tubes packed with the refrigerant. The function is to get rid of heat from the hot gas refrigerant and replace the refrigerant into a fluid form. The surplus heat increases into the outside air, therefore making the condenser coil an open-air air conditioner component.


A compressor is clearly the heart of the ac system. This component of the system circulates the refrigerant in an enclosed loop between the condenser and evaporator coils. You can get compressors in more than one range. There are scroll type and reciprocating ones. Scroll kind compressors can be costlier but are commonly elevated inefficient and less loud than reciprocating compressors.

Evaporator coil

Evaporator coils are a system of tubes packed with refrigerant. The function is to get rid of heat and moisture from the air so that the refrigerant can evaporate into a gas again.


This ac component takes in air through the condenser coil so that high-temperature dispersal can take place.

Air handling unit

This component is the blower of the central ac system. It passes air via the air ducts.

Air filters

This element catches dust, other airborne particles as air moves throughout. This component is very important to better the cooling operation as well as make sure our health.

You can find stocks of all the important air conditioner components and ac repair technicians va and accessories online. These components are required for putting combine a heating or cooling system. Whether you are replacing your old one or need a full ac system, the internet sellers provide all big ac products of different standard brands.

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