Advantages of private schools for career

Some consider them to be a fad, and the second the best place for their better career. Some say that it’s somewhere in the middle, because despite the fact that there are really high-quality private schools, the prices still available only to a narrow circle of people.

Also some of the opinions that the school classes in a private school are small and children are educated as under a glass bell. Later, when the child steps into the real world, many of them will have a problem to adapt.

Actually, the children come to private school on the minibus and return on it back to home. They don’t carry the heavy backpack because books are waiting for them in a school locker. In addition to standard classes, the student has time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and up to five o’clock, they succeed to do they homework, go to training… This is more or less the one school day one in private elementary schools.

Who can afford it?

In these schools, successful people from the business world, reputable athletes, artists, ambassadors, educate their children.

Everyone thinks that these are schools for the spoiled children of the rich, and grades are donated because the education is paid. Actually, grades can’t be donated because the last assessment tests of students performed by associations from around the world. Yes, indeed, they have to learn hard, and the best indicator of it is that the most students later acquire master degrees at prestigious universities.

Parents are satisfied

Most are happy because their child is not just one in the crowd of children. Teachers are completely devoted to him and there are here for them for anything at any time. As soon as the child is sick, the personnel from the school call and ask how is it and when it will come. Suggestions from parents they always are happy to receive and apply.

These schools have well-trained teachers and also a well-equipped space for classes.

Working conditions are the same as in public schools. In addition, when opening a private school, the owners have to write a report and submit a request to the Ministry of Education with a bank guarantee for the education of all students in the class.

Private schools operate in accordance with regulations and have precisely written curriculum, organized classes, sections, additional activities. In schools, there is a mandatory one library, gym, kitchen and a room where they eat, as well as a yard that is spacious enough and equipped for all children.

Most private schools organize career fair for students from home to school and vice versa.

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