7 Things You Don’t Know About Window Tinting

Nowadays it has become more like a fashion trend to get the car and residential window tinting done. Anything does not become famous or popular for just no reason. In fact, there are many factors that make things like residential glass tinting popularly in demand for people. Most of use tend to spend our time procrastinating and doing absolutely nothing, when in reality there is so much around us that we have no clue about. Window tinting is one of such small things in life that we usually don’t pay much attention to but its recent popularity has only made us think twice about why it is such a popular choice for people these days.

In this article, we bring you the top things that we bet you don’t know about auto vehicle and residential glass tinting. Most of the points we mention below are too obvious and will definitely make you think why you have been so ignorant all this time!

Fact # 1 – It is cheaper than traditional drapes and curtains

Have you been thinking that your traditional drapes are better because getting car or residential glass tinting is not the ideal choice to make? Well, think again. Window tinting is much cheaper and low maintenance in comparison to curtains and drapes that we have been using for a long time.

Fact # 2 – It is natural for tinted windows to have water pockets

Many people think that if they get tinted windows and it ends up having water pockets; it’s a disaster and they need to have the whole thing done again. We ask you to wait because it is natural for water pockets to pop up on tinted windows. It goes away on its own as the moisture escapes through the film pores in a few days.

Fact # 3 –You should not tint windows in winter

It is not ideal to get windows tinted in winter season as it takes them longer to dry up as a result of the dry and cold climate. You did not know that, did you? So the next time you plan to have the windows tinted, wait for summer season!

Fact # 4 – You should not clean them for at least 15 days

Little is known that tinted windows are extremely low maintenance, particularly right after you have them installed. You should wait at least 15 to 20 days to clean them for the first time.

Fact # 5 – They block up to 99% sun radiation

There is nothing else that can protect you from the outside heat, humidity and damaging UV rays like tinted windows. They can actually block up to 99% of UV and sunlight radiation.

Fact # 6 – You get a wide variety to choose from

Window tinting comes in a wide variety of textures and colors contrary to what many people believe. So you actually get a chance to customize your tinted windows as you want them to look and don’t have to settle for the boring black films.

Fact # 7 – They come with warranty

So you think you just have to make the investment and that’s it? Well, think again because your residential glass tinting comes with a long term warranty; preferably of up to 10 years minimally

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