5 Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Drain clean might seem unimportant in daily routines, but it has surely a very significant role in keeping your house and office tidy. Drains are everywhere; they can be in your toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and your laundry areas. Normally, it is very easy to clean a drain, your maids and servants or drain cleaning services know better how to clean a drain. However, it is important to note the mistakes that are to be avoided while cleaning a drain.

Drain cleaning mistakes

  1. Not Using Gloves and Goggles

It is seen that whenever we are cleaning household drains, we forget about the safety measures. While cleaning you must be equipped with excellent quality gloves and goggles. You might get infected by any bacterial problem while you open the clogged drain. Filthy matter and dirty water may splash on to your mouth. It is highly likely that the chemical or acid you are using while cleaning your drain, produces toxic gas or might cause irritation in your hands and arms. Therefore, while cleaning you should wear gloves, goggles as just people from drain cleaning companies, and also change your clothes if possible.

  1. Using the Wrong Tool

While you are cleaning your drain, you should use the right plunger and tools for effect drain cleaning. Every drain is of different size and geometry; therefore, you should carefully choose the plunger for your drain. The plunger that is effective for your wash basin might not work effectively for your kitchen sink basin.

Also, you should not use any sharp item like a screwdriver or a pointy thing for opening the clogged drain. It might erode the internal steel structure of the outlet or even break the plastic openings in your drain. It is highly recommended that you don’t try to open the clogged drain by yourself without an expert’s services.

  1. Overuse of Chemicals

There are many types of drain cleaners available in the market. However, you can choose a suitable one for your drain. It should be used wisely; overusing drain cleaners might not give effective results as drain cleaning companies suggest. If you use the chemical and it doesn’t appear to be affective then overusing would be futile. Overusing may remove the upper layer of your drain outlet, it may even cause harm to your basin. Therefore, you should not use chemicals in excess quantities.

  1. Improper Usage

The main cause of drain clogging is the misuse of the drain. You should not wash your hair in the wash basin if you are having a hair fall. Hair may get stuck in the basin and it may clog it wildly. Only use your drain for washing purposes. In your kitchen, you should not dispose oily fluids into your sink. Oily items increase the rate of drain clogging. Thick and viscous fluids should not be drained directly into the outlet. Clogging may cause allergies, skin problems and diarrhea. Therefore, you should properly inspect the condition of your drain. If the rate of discharge is less than normal and it takes longer for water to disappear in your drain, then you have to do something.

  1. Not Hiring an Expert

There are many drains that become old enough and require an expert to remove and clean the clogs. This is the biggest mistake you do while cleaning your old drain. You use improper tools for removing the clogs and consequently, it breaks the outlet and even your ceramic fittings. It is highly recommended that you hire an expert plumber or any of the reliable drain cleaning companies. They will have the right set of tools to open and clean your drain. It will require little time and money if you hire an expert drain opener. These professional plumbers inspect the actual problem(s) within no time and fix it with effectiveness and professionalism.

These are some of the common mistakes you can avoid while drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a simple task if you carefully monitor your drain and use it wisely. Clogged drains are home to infectious diseases and allergy problems. It is highly recommended that if your drain is severely clogged and there is no outflow of water then you don’t try anything except hiring a drain cleaning service. Therefore, avoid these drain cleaning mistakes and have a free-flowing drain as always.

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