Why child support is given?

Why child support is given?

Child support is the financial support provided by parents for their children after divorce. The division of child support amount is generally based on the fact that which parent owns the custody of the child and child support lawyer. In case the mother has the child custody for all days of the week, then the father is liable to provide financial support to their mutual children. And if the father has the child custody, then it is responsibility of mother to pay child support to the father for the welfare of their children. Now, if the case is different that both of the parents have decided for joint custody of their children, then neither father nor mother is liable for financial obligation.

Child Support

Many couples have misconception about the child support law. They have the belief that only men are responsible for paying child support. It is a myth which is prevailing in society, the person who does not own the child custody have to pay the child support amount to another. One of the primary reasons behind the misunderstanding of child support law is that generally women own the child custody. That is why in the majority of cases, men have to pay the child support amount.

How to reduce child support?

Once the child support order has been passed, the amount which is decided in the court to pay is actually not permanent. In case your financial circumstances change like you lost your job, your health is not well or your loan repayments are roaring, you can request judge for deduction of child support amount. For this purpose you can take the help of a divorce lawyer. Your lawyer can better describe your financial status in court.

In order to accomplish this task you have to follow a systematic procedure like acquiring details of your financial status, fill application and then file your application in court. You will also have to pay case filing charges once again. It will be better if you tell your divorce lawyer to complete these legal formalities. Such legal professionals have adequate knowledge of all legal procedures, so they can adequately accomplish this task for you.

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