The Basics of Vape Pen Batteries

The Basics of Vape Pen Batteries

The term 510 thread batteries refer to the universal thread design which doesn’t have any basis in the thread’s technical aspects. Also referred to as an ego thread, this term is used for describing the style that is now universally adopted and used in the industry of vaping for a plethora of product connections. It doesn’t mean that something that has 510 male thread must be used with something that has a 510 female thread. The truth is that it is extremely essential to make sure that you will choose the appropriate components whether or not they fit well together.

Having said this, it means that there are lots of compatibility between batteries and cartridges and this allows most battery brands and cartridge brands to work properly. If you have a piece of inside knowledge on how to pair components, this will give you the advantage of choosing a kit that can work well with various kinds of store-bought carts that must all contain 510 threads.

About the Voltage

There are different voltages and various voltage styles used in vape pen batteries. The usual range of voltage that you can find right now is 3.3v up to 4.8v. Generally speaking, you can expect that a slim pen or stylus voltage is going to be within the 3.3v range. The voltage may also be adjusted with the draw’s strength that will let them draw something as low as only 3.0v.

It is about a suitable voltage for the usual oil cartridge of polycarbonate style but it will lack the right amount of power for properly heating a wickless ceramic or ceramic cartridge. This provides a higher vapor quality and requires voltages of about 3.7 or even higher.

Looking for the suitable voltage is dependent on the atomizer’s resistance to reach the most favorable temperature ranging from 280* to 350* for the majority of oils. A lower voltage will mean that there is a higher amount of pure vapor yet the hit will be lighter. It is then best that you start low before working your way up. The voltage numbers won’t tell you if the product is better. These will only let you know if the product is suitable for your cartridge and the other way around.

About the mAh

How long will a vape pen remain charged for? The easiest way of determining this is by checking the milliamp-hour or mAh rating. It will essentially tell you the amount of power that the battery can supply and the amount of time before a charge is required. In general, vape pen batteries can offer about 280 to 900 mAh. A higher rating of 900 mAh is typically reserved for kits with high resistance or high voltage like wax pen batteries.

About the Chargers

It is highly recommended that you only use the charger that came with your vape battery. A normal USB charger is also more preferred compared to a rapid charger. Cutting corners can wreak havoc on a lithium-ion battery. This can fry either the battery or the processor. Never use the rapid charger of your phone and instead, settle for the usual USB port, car charger, or wall adapter. It is also important that you match your charger’s voltage with the battery.

There are vape batteries that come with higher amperage of voltage chargers than others. Always choose wisely if you want to replace the charger of your 510 threaded battery.

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