Everything one need to know about NeoGraft hair transplants

Everything one need to know about NeoGraft hair transplants

Hair in the heads of humans starts falling down as a person ages. The hairline of persons starts moving upper and upper and this makes men very disappointed as they feel that they are not able to get the support and esteem from their colleagues and friends. So they start using all types of hair oils and shampoos in their attempt to prevent or delay hair losing process. Modern technology has made it possible to transplant hair from a thicker portion of the head to a thinner portion. About fifty years back hair transplantation procedure was started in the United States and over the years it has spread worldwide and is now very popular in every part of the universe. Follicular Unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transfer (FUT) are the well known hair transplant procedures that was in use worldwide

NeoGraft hair transplants

NeoGraft hair transplants are the latest hair transplantation procedure followed by dermatologists.  Though it may sound a new procedure, in fact it nothing but the earlier Follicular unite extraction which was explained earlier in which special machines are used for extracting and planting follicular units of hair. Though it has a number of advantages there are some concerns also about the instrument used for this procedure.

How it works: This special instrument is capable of removing individual hair follicles by making small incisions around each follicle.  In the previous FUE procedure the donor area looked awkward after the harvest of follicular units. To solve this problem and to improve the aesthetics of the surgery this machine was invented. In the procedure named follicular unit transplant usually a strip of the scalp is removed from the backside of the head where the hair growth is thick.  After the removal of strip the skin is sutured together. The scar of the surgery will be visible there. It will be covered by the full gown hair on both sides the scar. Follicles from this strip are separated and are planted in the pores already made in the recipient area. The hair grows there and it looks like natural and original hair. FUT is more time consuming and it does not allow short hair styles which is the fashion of the present times.

How the machine works

The introduction of NeoGraft hair transplants Rockville technology has made FUE more effective and efficient.  The machine removes hair follicles by making a round cut around each follicle. Then with the help of pneumatic pressure the follicles are sucked out.  After extracting all the follicles they are stored in container filled with sterile saline. The same instrument is used to punch the follicles into the special slots made for each follicle. The machine is capable of planting the follicles in a specified depth.

Advantages of the machine

In the earlier methods more than one session was needed for completing the transplant procedure when the number of follicles to be planted is greater. The arrival of the machine has made it possible that the entire hair transplant procedure can be completed in one session even without the presence of a certified dermatologist.

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