Maintenance of the grease tap

Maintenance of the grease tap

Restaurant grease trap cleaning is a very important process while one thinks of running a restaurant business. This is because a grease tap is of immense use to the restaurant owner. It is the most important method to keep away pollution from polluting the environment. The grease taps help in stopping the grease, fats and oils and brown fats etc, to reach the underground septic tank. Therefore it is well understandable that the grease taps hold a large amount of grease from the kitchen of a restaurant. Thus it should be kept cleaned to avoid any bad odor from your restaurant kitchen. Here are some ways by which you can do this. Take a look at them.

Ways to keep your grease tap clean

  • You must keep an eye on the level of grease accumulated in the grease tap of your restaurant kitchen. You may also use small measuring scales to measure the amount of grease that has accumulated in the tap. If you keep the data of the grease level in the grease tap you would be able to keep a track on the cleaning. You would probably know exactly when you would need to clean your grease tap. This will save you from facing the problem of fat and oil accumulation in your grease tap.
  • You must remove any standing water that has accumulated in your tanks. You may put the water into the bucket and let it drain into the tank later on. This would help you avoid the blockage of the basin and the grease tap. You should also make an attempt to put the solid wastes into a water tight container or a heavy duty trash bag. This would help you in the process of keeping your grease tap clean for a longer time.
  • Once you make an attempt to remove all the loose grease and oil from the grease tap you can scrap the sides and the lids of the basin or the tank. You can later on scoop off the waste into the trash bag and use dry or wet vacuum cleaner to make the area waste free.

It is also important to keep your drain clean when you are using it for some commercial purposes. You must not let the solid wastes fall into the drains. You must make the necessary attempts to collect the solid wastes and transfer them into the trash. Commercial Drain Cleaning manhattan ny would then be a very easy process as well as a cost effective process to you.

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