Understanding various type of low cost dental implants

Understanding various type of low cost dental implants

Implant devices are used to replace the roots of the damaged or missing teeth.  Implants are fixed on the jaw bones through surgical procedures for low cost dental implant.  Most implants look more natural and beautiful than the teeth involved in other methods of replacing of teeth. The reasons for the popularity for implants dentistry are discussed below.


  • Having all the teeth makes one confident. Just by doing single tooth implant, sometimes you get the feeling that people are not noticing your teeth problem.
  • Losing of teeth results in the dissolution of jaw bone around it. Implants help to stop this dissolution and help to reshape your jaw bone.
  • Missing teeth makes it impossible for proper chewing resulting in poor nutrition. Implanted teeth make chewing raw fruits and vegetables possible.
  • Loss of teeth adversely affects your bite resulting in problems known as temporomandibular joint.
  • Loss of teeth adversely affects your speech and self confidence.

There are several types of implants. They are discussed below.

Root form implant

These are low cost dental implants of the present day. These implants are made of titanium. It looks like a screw.  After placing the implant in the jaw bone a metal cylinder usually called as abutment is placed on the implant. The crown or denture is then placed on the abutment. Oseointegration is the process that makes the implants successful. It has been found that the jaw bone accommodates implant and the bone grows in and around it making it an integral part of jaw bone structure. Studies have shown that surgical root-form implants are successful 90 % of the time.

Subperiosteal implant

They are   low cost dental implants in which a metal framework is used. They are attached below your gum above the jaw bone.  Small metal post of this implant will be protruding from the frame. These posts serve as anchors and crown or dentures are attached by the surgeons of your implants dentistry center. This type of implants is most suitable when more than one tooth is missing from an area.

Mini dental implants

Patients who need a single tooth implant arlington, but are not able to go for the conventional one due to various reasons like unwillingness to undergo an invasive surgery, lack of required bone mass etc. opt for mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are smaller than the regular one though they have the same structure and appearance.  They consist of two parts. One is the titanium post with a ball on its end. The other is the socket with rubber ring that is used to attach the tooth. Regular implants are about 3.4 to 5-6 mm wide whereas the mini implants are only 1.8 to 3.2 mm in diameter. Mini implants are capable of supporting dentures, fixed crowns and bridges.

Regular implants require more than one appointment and a few months for completing the process. Bone grafting etc may require more appointments. Dentist usually installs mini implants in one visit and under local anesthesia without using any sutures.

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